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Bor Hendriks Hoeven [KRL-174]

Landbouwer, landman, geboren 3-11 Staverden en gedoopt 5-11-1775 Ermelo, aangenomen 11-5-1799 Ermelo, overleden 15-11-1860 Ermelo [96] en begraven aldaar

Trouwt 25-1-1807 Ermelo met Jannetje Dreessen (van de Kolk) [KRL-175], landbouwster, dochter van Drees Eijbertsen en Grietje Karsen, geboren 9-4 en gedoopt 13-4-1788 Ermelo, overleden 18-1-1849 Ermelo [6]


  1. Grietje Hoeve(n), dienstmeid, geboren 18-12 Leuvenum en gedoopt 27-12-1807 Ermelo, overleden 11-6-1847 Ermelo [58]
    Trouwt 30-4-1840 Ermelo [7] Lubertus Wichertsz Jansen, veldwachter, weduwnaar van Grietje van Asselt, zoon van Wichert Jansen en Jannetje Lubberts, geboren 28-8 en gedoopt 4-9-1803 Putten, overleden 13-11-1876 Ermelo [86]
  2. NN Hoeve(n), levenloos geboren 27-4-1809 Leuvenum
  3. Jannetje Hoeve(n) [KRL-87], geboren 19-5 Leuvenum en gedoopt 31-5-1810 Ermelo, overleden 22-12-1890 Elspeet [113]
  4. Hendrikje Hoeve(n), dienstbode, geboren 15-11 Leuvenum [22] en gedoopt 16-11-1813 Ermelo
    Trouwt 11-8-1843 Barneveld [24] Gerrit Willemsen van den Top, daglooner, zoon ven Willem Gerritsen van den Top - landbouwer en Niesje Jacobs - landbouwster, geboren 1813 Kootwijk
  5. Maartje Hoeve(n), dienstmeid, geboren 21-10 Ermelo Leuvenum [30] en gedoopt 24-10-1815 Ermelo, overleden 8-1-1883 Harderwijk [6]
    Trouwt 15-3-1844 Ermelo [9] Jan Teunissen Klaas uit de Bosch, landbouwer, arbeider, zoon van Klaas Teunissen uit de Bosch en Gerritje Lubberts Beenen - landbouwster, geboren 3-5-1821 Ermelo, overleden 25-1-1890 Harderwijk [14]
  6. Hendrik Hoeve(n), geboren 2-12 Ermelo Leuvenum [27] en gedoopt 4-12-1817 Ermelo, overleden 25-5-1910 Tonsel [49]
    Trouwt 3-4-1846 Ermelo [12] Hendrika Beekman, weduwe van Berend Verhoef, dochter van Reijer Hendriksen Beekman - postiljon en Stijntje Driessen van de Kolk - landbouwster, geboren 28-9-1814 Ermelo [32], overleden 26-2-1894 Harderwijk [41]
  7. Dries Hoeve(n), daghuurder, geboren 25-11 Leuvenum [91] en gedoopt 26-11-1820 Ermelo, overleden 9-7-1855 Ermelo [53]
    Trouwt 7-2-1851 Ermelo [4] Willemina Makaske, dochter van Johannes Gerardus Makaske - kleermaker en Hendrika Willemsen, geboren 29-6-1832 Ermelo [51], overleden 26-10-1900 Ermelo [56]
  8. Evert Hoeve(n), geboren 18-4-1823 Ermelo [30], overleden 9-7-1830 Ermelo [35]
  9. Driesje Hoeve(n), geboren 9-7 en gedoopt 28-7-1825 Ermelo, overleden 23-7-1902 Ermelo [44]
    Trouwt 20-11-1846 Ermelo [22] Marten Florijn, papiermakersknecht, zoon van Jannes Florijn - daghuurder en Jannetje Jans Michels Hafkamp, geboren 15-6-1820 Epe [63], overleden 17-2-1900 Ermelo [15]
  10. Gerrit Hoeve(n), geboren 4-3-1829 Leuvenum [28], overleden 11-3-1864 Leuvenum [37]
  11. Evert Hoeve(n), landbouwer, veehouder, geboren 28-5-1832 Leuvenum [37], overleden 13-3-1921 USA IA Sheldon en begraven USA IA Newkirk Cemetery
    Trouwt 29-5-1857 Ermelo [14] Aaltje (Ella) Mulder (van 't Einde), dienstmeid, dochter van Gerrit Mulder - landbouwer en Gerritje Spek, geboren 26-3-1839 Elspeet [38], overleden 10-2-1919 USA IA Alton en begraven USA IA Newkirk Cemetery


Landbouwer, gedoopt 5-11 Ermelo Staverden, begraven Ermelo
1775 Den 3 Novemb: Geboren - Den 5. dito Gedoopt - Bor - Z. van Hendrik Gerritsen en Jannetje Borren te Staveren
... Bor Hendriksen op belijdenis den 11 Maij 1799
1788 den 9 April geboren - den 13 dito gedoopt - Jannetjen - D. van Drees Eijbertsen en Grietjen Karssen tot Staveren
18-7 3 Jan: - Coram Velthuisen en v. d. Velde - Bor Hendriksen j.m. geboren en wonende te Leuvenum - Jannetje Driessen J:D: geboren te Leuvenum en wonende onder Staveren - attest van de dood van bruijdegoms ouders en consent van bruijds vader - 4. januarij - 11 do - 18 do - attest als boven afgegeven gesolemniseert door G: A: Arentsen Predt te Ermello d 25 Januarij 1807
1807 Bor hendriksen J.M. geb: ond: Ermelo en wonende te Leuvenum en Jannetje Driessen J.D. geb. ond. Ermello en wonende te Stavoren
1807 Den 18 Dec: geboren - Den 27 d. gedoopt - Grietje - D: van Bor Hendriksen en Jannitje Driesen in Leuveren
1809 den 27 April overleden - Een kind van Bor Hendriksen en Jannitje Eijberts in Leuvenum
1810 Den 19 Mei geboren - den 31 d. gedoopt - Jannitje - D. van Bor Hendriksen en Janitje Driesen in Leuveren
Maartje was dienstmeid, gedoopt 24-10 Ermelo, begraven te Harderwijk
Hendrik was landbouwer, gedoopt 4-12 Ermelo, begraven te Harderwijk
Hendrika Beekman is begraven te Harderwijk, geboortedatum 28-9 of 22-10?
Iowa Gravestone Photo Project:
Newkirk Cemetery, Sioux County, Iowa
Cemetery is affiliated with the First Reformed church of Newkirk IA. Middle section of cemetery about Row 7 from the east side.
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Obituary of Evert
E. Hoeven, Pioneer Passes Beyond

Evert Hoeven was born May 28, 1832, on a farm a short distance from Hardwyk, [sic] Netherlands. On June 1, 1857 he was united in marriage to Aaltje Mulder which union was blessed with 14 children. Four of these children, Henry, John, Mrs. J. Oolbekkink and Joe, preceded him in death and the following children are left to mourn his loss: Ben of George, Gerrit and Abe of Alton, Mrs. J. J. De Bruin and Mrs. C. P. De Jong of Hospers, Andrew of Sanborn, Mrs. Bert Braskamp of Sheldon, Jake of Sioux City, Ike of Sioux Center and Mrs. C. Idema at the home in Sheldon.

In 1865 he emigrated to America, settling at Pella where he followed his former occupation of farming until April, 1871, when he moved to Sioux County, homesteading on Section 6, Floyd township, on which he resided until 1903 when he retired from farming and moved to Alton.

On February 10, 1919, his wife died. The following November he took up residence at Sheldon where he and his daughter, Mrs. Idema and her children, lived until he died on March 13, 1921 at the age of 88 years, 9 months and 16 days.

He was a man of sterling integrity and ability, very successful in all his undertakings and a very devoted father. Funeral services were held at the Reformed church at Sheldon on Wednesday conducted by Rev. Henry Vander Naahl of the Reformed church and Rev. Allen of the Congregational church, interment taking place at the Newkirk cemetery where the services were conducted by the Rev. J. P. De Jong of Alton.

Mr. Hoeven and his son Ben took part in the righteous attempt of Sioux County citizens to have the board of supervisors approve the bonds of Mr. Greatrax[?] and Mr. Betten in 1872 while the courthouse was at Calliope. When the board refused to allow these two to take office the records of the courthouse were forcibly removed to Orange City [remainder of column is obscured on the newspaper microfilm].

Source: Alton Democrat - 19 March 1921

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Obituary of Evert
Mrs. Evert Hoeven, (Aaltje Mulder) died at her home on Tuesday, February 10, 1919, in Alton nearly 80 years.

She was born in the Netherlands on March 26, 1839 and there married Evert Hoeven on June 1, 1856, emigrating to Pella in 1865 and coming to Sioux County in 1872 and settling on a farm near Hospers where she lived with her husband until moving to Alton some fifteen years since. Nearly twelve years ago Mr. and Mrs. Hoeven celebrated their golden wedding and the latter has been in sturdy health until recently. Fourteen children were born to this union.

Seven sons and four daughters survive besides the aged husband. The sons are: Benjamin of Rochester, Gerrit of Alton, Andrew of Sanborn, Joe of Hull, Jacob of Sioux City, Isaac of Sioux Center, A.E. of Alton. The daughters are: Mrs. J.J. De Bruin, Mrs. C.P. De Jong of Hospers, Mrs. Idema of Alton and Mrs. A.M. Braskamp, Jr. of Sheldon.

The funeral was conducted yesterday afternoon by Reverend De Jong and interment made in the Newkirk Cemetery.

Thus one by one the pioneers who made Sioux County are passing away and journeying to that uncharted land from whose borne no traveler returns.

Source: Alton Democrat - 15 February 1919

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