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Gijsbertje De Mots

Dochter van Hendrik Giesbertsen de Mots - landbouwer en Jannetje van Willigenburg, geboren 26-11-1835 NL Telgt [110], overleden 2-11-1886 USA IA Sioux Center

Trouwt 25-8-1855 NL Putten [25] Gijsbert (Gilbert) Van Beek, landbouwer, zoon van Gerrit Willemsen van Beek - landbouwer en Jannetje Gerrits, geboren 18-3-1825 NL Putten [20], overleden 28-4-1903 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens

Gijsbert hertrouwt 22-9-1887 USA IA Sioux Center Ettje Lever, overleden 11-6-1889

Gijsbert hertrouwt 26-6-1890 USA IA Sioux Center Jacoba Van Thielen

Kinderen van Gijsbertje en Gijsbert:

  1. Jannetje van Beek, geboren 22-2-1856 NL Putten [19], overleden 3-2-1862 NL Putten [24]
  2. Hendrik (Henry) Van Beek, geboren 29-9-1857 NL Putten [93], overleden 28-12-1921 USA ND Linton en begraven USA ND Westfield Cemetery
    Trouwt Clara Jansen
  3. Gerrit van Beek, geboren 23-2-1859 NL Putten [36], overleden 3-3-1862 NL Putten [43]
  4. Jan (John) Van Beek, geboren 10-2-1860 NL Putten [20], overleden 4-10-1924 USA SD Brown County en begraven USA ND Westfield Cemetery
    Trouwt 26-3-1884 Hermina (Harmina, Minnie) Hoeve, dochter van Dries Hoeve - landbouwer en Geertje Visch, geboren 17-8-1863 Oldebroek [109], overleden 1946 en begraven USA ND Westfield Cemetery
  5. Cornelis (Cornelius) Van Beek, geboren 30-10-1861 Putten [126], overleden 9-6-1945 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
    Trouwt 26-3-1884 Jacoba Hoeve, geboren 1866, overleden 1913 en begraven USA IA Sioux Center Memory Gardens
  6. Gerrit Van Beek, geboren 13-8-1863 Putten [106]
  7. Gerrit Van Beek, geboren 31-8-1864 Putten [111] overleden 1945 en begraven USA ND Westfield Cemetery
    Trouwt Anna (Annie) Van Den Berg. geboren 4-12-1868 USA WI Alto, overleden 19-12-1941 USA ND Westfield en begraven Westfield Cemetery
  8. Evert (Edward, Ed) Van Beek, geboren 25-4-1866 Putten [43], overleden 28-3-1899 USA ND Westfield en begraven Westfield Cemetery
    Trouwt Tillie (Heltigje, Matilda) Biesheuvel, geboren 12-8-1867 NL, overleden 4-4-1951 en begraven USA ND Westfield Cemetery
  9. Jacob Van Beek, geboren 23-9-1871 USA MN Greenleafton, overleden 1880
  10. Jennie Van Beek, geboren 18-10-1880 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 6-4-1962 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
    Trouwt Henry E Willemsen, geboren 20-9-1875 NL Zutphen, overleden 19-7-1952 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens


Huw akte 25:
Voogd van de bruid Hendrik Nijhuis, toeziend voogd van de bruid Abraham de Mots
HSC555 - Family History F575:


The family of Gysbert Van Beek and Gysbertje De Mots came to the site of Sioux Center with the very first oxen driven wagon train in October of 1871. They were with a group of 34 people who came from the province of Gelderland Holland by way of East Olive, Michigan and Greenleafton MN. The Gysbert VanBeek family lived just a little north of the big Reformed church in West Branch township. Shortly after arriving they lost their home in a fire. Their early home was small with an attic loft where the five boys slept. The boys would climb up on a box and then on mother's back and disappear through a trap door and in the morning would descend in like manner.

During a diphtheria epidemic in 1880 they lost their youngest son, Jacob, and many of their friends lost children, also. A month after the death of their son the Van Beeks were blest with a baby daughter, Jennie. The Sioux County Herald, a newspaper from Orange City IA, in October of 1880 relates that Mr. Van Beek of Sioux Center feels as proud as the president of the United States of his baby girl. Jennie Van Beek later became Mrs. Henry Willemsen and was a life long resident of Sioux Center.

Gysbert VanBeek with his third wife Jacoba
(Van Thielen) VanBeek. Picture taken about

The five sons of Gysbert VanBeek made their mark in the early days of Sioux Center. Henry was the oldest and ran a store in "old town," in which he had a post office. He was credited with naming the town of Sioux Center because of its location in the county. Four of the sons continued the adventuresome spirit of their pioneer parents and resettled in the wilds of the Dakota Territory, Emmons County ND, in the 1890's. These four sons were: Henry Van Beek 1857, and his wife Clara Jansen, John Van Beek 1860-1924 and his wife Hermina Hoeven, Gerrit Van Beek 1864-1944 and his wife Anna Vanden Berg, and Evert VanBeek 1866-1899 and his wife Tillie Bieshuevel. Each of these families multiplied greatly in the Westfield ND area.

Gysbert's first wife, Gysbertje De Mots, died November 2, 1886 when her daughter Jennie was only 6 years old. Gysbert remarried a Mrs. Ettje Lever on September 22, 1887 and she died in a tragic fire in their home on June 11, 1889. It appeared that Mrs. Van Beek was sick so Mr. Van Beek and the young daughter, Jennie, were sleeping in a separate room. Upon awaking, the room in which his wife slept was filled with flames and he and his small daughter escaped through the window. It was believed that his wife had tipped over a lamp. Gysbert remarried a third time to Mrs. Jacoba Van Thielen on June 26, 1890. This Mrs. Van Beek had a daughter, Lena, who was the same age as Gysbert's daughter, Jennie. Gysbert Van Beek died April 28, 1903 in Sioux Center and was buried with his wives in the local cemetery where a small marker still marks his grave.

The two children of the Gysbert VanBeek family that remained and propagated in the Sioux Center area were the families of Cornelius Van Beek 1861-1945 and the family of daughter Jennie Van Beek (Mrs. Henry Willemsen) 1880-1962. The Cornelius Van Beek and Henry Willemson Families have separate stories in this book.

by Wilma J. Vande Berg

Iowa Gravestone Photo Project:
Memory Gardens Cemetery Sioux County, Iowa
Top of stone is hard to read but it is G. not C. Van Beek. Location: NE Section row 4 from east fence.
Iowa Gravestone Photo Project:
Memory Gardens Cemetery Sioux County, Iowa
Location: NE section row 5 from east fence.
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