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Huibert Muilenburg

Dagloner, zoon van Jan W Muilenburg - arbeider en Teuntje Schalk - arbeidster, geboren 29-6-1822 NL Vuren [28], overleden 3-9-1918 USA IA Orange City en begraven West Lawn Cemetery

Trouwt 9-12-1842 Vuren [7] Klazientje (Klazina) Versteeg, arbeidster, dochter van Jacob Versteeg - arbeider en Gijsje Tromp - arbeidster, geboren 4-4-1823 NL Vuren [9], overleden 11-9-1897 en begraven USA IA Sioux County West Lawn Cemetery


  1. Teuntje Muilenberg, geboren 4-1843, overleden 12-7-1843 NL Spijk [11]
  2. Jannigje Muilenburg, geboren 23-7-1844 NL Vuren [31], overleden 1-5-1913 USA IA Hospers en begraven USA IA Newkirk Cemetery
    Trouwt Wouter Van Rooyen, zoon van Cornelis van Rooijen en Geertrui Griffioen, geboren 28-10-1834 NL Kockengen [17], overleden 2-4-1903 USA IA Sioux County en begraven USA IA Newkirk Cemetery
  3. Gijsbertje Muilenburg, geboren 17-3-1847 Vuren [12]
  4. Jacob Hubert Muilenburg, geboren 12-6-1849 USA MO St Louis, overleden 9-9-1935 USA IA Rock Rapids en begraven USA IA Sioux Center Memory Gardens
  5. Teunis H Muilenburg, geboren 9-5-1851 USA IA Pella, overleden 23-9-1934 USA IA Orange City en begraven West Lawn Cemetery
    Trouwt 21-3-1871 Cornelia Johanna Vande Waa, geboren 6-12-1850 USA IA Pella, overleden 17-4-1947 USA IA Orange City en begraven West Lawn Cemetery
  6. Gijsbertje Muilenburg, geboren 9-10-1853 USA IA Pella, overleden 2-2-1952 USA IA Orange City en begraven West Lawn Cemetery
    Trouwt 23-5-1873 Johannes (John) Kuyper, zoon van Arij Cornelisz Kuyper en Maria Streefkerk, geboren 7-9-1845 NL Charlois [92], overleden 8-4-1915 USA IA Orange City en begraven West Lawn Cemetery
  7. John Hubert (Jan) Muilenburg, geboren 2-2-1856 USA IA Pella, overleden 8-7-1939 USA SD Manchester en begraven USA SD Iroquois Maplewood Ceetery
    Trouwt 1878 Jane Jongewaard, zoon van Cornelius Jongewaard en Helena van Stoutenburg, geboren 7-1-1858 USA IA, overleden 6-11-1938 en begraven USA SD Iroquois Maplewood Ceetery
  8. Isaac Muilenburg, geboren 18-12-1857 USA IA Pella, overleden 5-12-1902 USA IA Orange City en begraven West Lawn Cemetery
    Trouwt Dirkje Ruisch, dochter van Dooije Willems Ruisch en Aaltje Dirks Reiding, geboren 22-11-1859 NL Metslawier [47], overleden 1-9-1906 USA IA Orange City en begraven West Lawn Cemetery
  9. Samuel H (Sam) Muilenburg, geboren 7-1-1862 USA IA Pella, overleden 30-9-1955 USA IA Orange City en begraven West Lawn Cemetery
    Trouwt Adrianna Marie Markus, dochter van Johannes Hendrikus Markus en Adriana Bollard, geboren 30-1-1864 USA IA Pella, overleden 30-1-1924 USA IA Orange City en begraven West Lawn Cemetery
  10. Maria Muilenburg, geboren 16-11-1863 USA IA Pella, overleden 12-5-1902 USA SD Hurley en begraven USA SD Parker Rosehill Cemetery
    Trouwt Adrianus Koenraad De Jong, zoon van Koenraad De Jong en Willemina Verbeek, geboren 30-7-1854 USA IA Pella, overleden 22-4-1911 USA FL en begraven USA SD Parker Rosehill Cemetery
  11. NN Muilenburg
    Trouwt John Noteboom
  12. Teuntje Muilenburg, geboren 10-1-1868 USA IA Pella, overleden 4-9-1952 USA IA Rock Rapids en begraven USA IA Orange City West Lawn Cemetery
    Trouwt 3-10-1889 Cyrenus De Booy, geboren 25-2-1864 USA IA Pella, overleden 1-4-1942 USA IA Orange City wn begraven West Lawn Cemetery


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West Lawn Cemetery Sioux County, Iowa
Long North Center Section, from the west end counting from the large evergreen trees going east row 18. Part of Section A.
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Obituaries of Klazientje and Huibert


An Excellent Woman Gone

The entire community was greatly pained at the news of the death of Mrs. Hubert Muilenburg, which occurred at her home in this city early Saturday morning. Mrs. Muilenburg, who was almost seventy-five years of age, accompanied her husband on the excursion to Pella and seemed to be in her usual health, although she had been failing slightly for some time. The trip and the excitement appeared to wear upon her and she was quite sick when she started for home last Thursday. She arrived here Friday morning and loving hands ministered to her, but her suffering were soon over.

Klazinia Ver Steeg was born in the Netherlands, where she was married to Hubert Muilenburg. In 1847 the couple came to the United States, settling at Pella after a short stop at St. Louis. In 1872 they removed to this county and endured together the hardships of pioneer life. Mrs. Muilenburg was a noble woman, an excellent neighbor and a helpful friend and she was held in the highest esteem.

Ten children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Muilenburg all of whom were present at the funeral. They are Jacob, John H., Teunis, Isaac and Sam Muilenburg, and Mrs. W. Van Rooyen, Mrs John Kuyper, Mrs. A. De Jong, Mrs. John Noteboom and Mrs. C. De Booy, and all but two, John H. Muilenburg of Hurley, S.D. and Mrs. A. DeJong of O'Brien county, live in Sioux county. To them and more especially to the stricken husband, the sympatby of all is extended.

The funeral was held Monday afternoon from the First Reformed Church. Rev. J.F. Zwemer conducted the services in the presence of a large concourse of relatives and friends.

The Sioux County Herald
15 September 1897


Huibert MUILENBURG was born in Vuren, the Netherlands, on 20 June 1822, and died in Orange City, 3 Sept 1918, at 96 years, 2 mo and 14 days old.

In 1842 he married with Klazina VERSTEEG, who died in 1897. The marriage was blessed with 12 children, or which 2 died young. Seven of the children are still living: Jacob, Teunis, Jan and Samuel MUILENBURG, Mrs John KUYPER, Mrs John NOTEBOOM and Mrs C DeBOOY. Besides these children he is also survived by 67 grandchildren, 93 great grandchildren and 5 great great grandchildren. Also is he survived by 2 brothers: Anthony, old 88 years & Peter, old 83 years.

In 1848 the couple left the old fatherland and after a voyage of 52 days they arrived in New Orleans where they were witnesses of a slave auction. By river boat they went to St Louis where they stayed until the next year. After that they lived for almost a year in Keokuk. It was there that he came to the realization of his kinship to God by meeting a God-fearing German immigrant. In 1850 he went to Pella where the other members of the family lived already, and lived there until 1872.

The most remarkable fact of this period of his life is the exhibition tour that he made to the northwest [Iowa] in 1869. In 1872 following, he himself went to Sioux Co and was there a resident until the day of his death. He was a member of the colony that he helped organize. It is noteworthy to say that his father, in 1815 in Waterloo, fought against Napoleon, while now 11 of his grandchildren fight against the German emperor.

Up to his high age he was spared many special illnesses & his mind was clear until the last [or end]. The last couple of years his body strength decreased until his last wish, which he had held many years, was fulfilled, and he, calm and satisfied, died to be with his Father in Heaven. [His maker -- or spiritual father.]

---from DE VOLKSVRIEND, Orange City, Iowa.
---Translation by Jan ZONNEVELD, Cedar Rapids, lA, 6 July 1988.---

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