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Lubbert (Lewis) van Roekel

Landbouwer, zoon van Hendrik van Roekel en Jantje Tijmessen, geboren 6-9-1836 NL Wageningen [96], lidmaat 2-4-1858 NL Wageningen, vertrokken 7-12-1874 naar de USA, overleden 27-2-1906 USA IA Pella en begraven Graceland Cemetery

Trouwt 4-11-1864 NL Wageningen [42] Steventje van de Pol, dienstbode, dochter van Anthonij van de Pol en Aaltje van de Loenhorst, geboren 20-4-1836 20:00 NL Ede [85], overleden 24-4-1924 USA IA Pella en begraven bij haar man


  1. Jantje van Roekel, geboren 11-1-1866 13:00 NL Lunteren [14], overleden 22-2-1867 17:00 NL Lunteren [45]
  2. Hendrik L (Henry) van Roekel, geboren 9-8-1867 20:00 NL Lunteren [217], overleden 27-3-1939 en begraven USA IA Pella Graceland Cemetery
  3. Anthonie (Tone) van Roekel, geboren 4-5-1869 02:00 NL Lunteren [115], overleden 22-12-1955 en begraven USA IA Oskaloosa Forest Cemetery
  4. Jantje (Jane) van Roekel, geboren 5-5-1871 20:00 NL Lunteren [125], overleden 13-7-1951 USA SD Saint Lawrence en begraven Saint Lawrence Cemetery
  5. Aart van Roekel, geboren 12-4-1873 13:00 NL Lunteren [112], overleden 23-6-1958 USA IA Pella en begraven USA IA Pella Graceland Cemetery
  6. Aaltje (Ollie) Van Roekel, geboren 1-8-1875, overleden 27-3-1922 en begraven USA IA Pella Graceland Cemetery
  7. Willemina (Minnie) Van Roekel, geboren 1-11-1877 USA IA Pella, overleden 26-11-1944 07:45 USA IA Van Buren County en begraven USA IA Fremont Cedar Township Cemetery
  8. Gerrit J Van Roekel, geboren 15-8-1880 USA, overleden 19-3-1943 USA en begraven USA IA Mahaska County


Ede gereconstrueerd bevolkingsregister:
GVR 7-10-2014:
Uit de immigration records is op te maken dat Lubbert met zijn vrouw en vier kinderen per stoomboot naar Amerika IA Pella vertrokken vanuit Rotterdam. Ze kwamen op 30-12-1874 aan in New York. Zie ook de aantekeningen van Nancy VanDerWel (NVDW)!
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Pictures of Lubbert van Roekel en Steventje van de Pol:
Van Maynard Van Roekel:
Family Picture:

Back row: Ollie Van Roekel, Yelle Westerkamp, Gertrude Van Den Vleckkert, Tone Van Roekel, Aart Van Roekel,
Nellie Visser, Minnie Veenschoten. Middle row: Steve Van Zee, Jane Van Roekel, Steventje Vander Pol, Lubbert
(Lewis) Van Roekel, Henry Van Roekel. Front row: Herman Westerkamp, Minnie Van Roekel, Minnie van Heukelom,
Gerrit Van Roekel.

Aangenomen den 25 Maart 1858 en bevestigd den 2 April ... Lubbert van Roekel met att naar Wag: 10 mei 58
Lewis, kennelijk geemigreerd naar de USA, de nederlandse genealogie vermeldt alleen Jantje, Hendrik, Anthonie, Jantje en Aart. De aanvullende informatie komt van Maynard van Roekel die schrijft dat Lubbert en zijn famielie rond 1876 in USA Iowa Mahaska County opdoken.
Dutch in America, 1800s, Vanroekel, Lubbert, Occupation: Arbeider - workman, Sex: Male, Age: 38, Religion: Ned Hervormd, Hervormd--dutch Reformed, Social Class: Less well to do. Assessed for Taxes: No, Tax Assessment Classification: Unknown, Women in Household: 1 Children in Household: 4, Servants in Household: Unk, Reason for Emmigration: Economic Improvement Destination: Pella, Iowa, Year: 1874, Province: Gelderland, Municipality: Ede
Dutch in America, 1800s, Vanroekel, Lubbert, Family Status: Husband, Age: 40, Sex: Male, Occupation: Farmer, landsman, peasant, agriculturalist, countryman, Ship Accommodations: Steerage, Port of Embarkation: Rotterdam, Netherlands, Port of Arrival: New York, Vessel: W. a scholton (netherlands-american steam navigation company) Destination: U.S.A. (no specific place stated), Date of Arrival: 12/30/74, Last Residence: Unidentified dutch municipality, Microfilm Roll: M-237 New York, Reel: 395
IR (Steventje):
Dutch in America, 1800s, Vanroekel, Keventje, Family Status: Wife, Age: 35, Sex: Female, Occupation: Housewife, matron, Ship Accommodations: Steerage, Port of Embarkation: Rotterdam, Netherlands, Port of Arrival: New York, Vessel: W. a scholton (netherlands-american steam navigation company), Destination: U.S.A. (no specific place stated), Date of Arrival: 12/30/74, Last Residence: Unidentified dutch municipality, Microfilm Roll: M-237 New York, Reel: 395
NVDW Nancy's notes about Lubbert:
I have copies of his marriage, birth and military certificates. "Dutch Immigrants in US Ship Passenger Manifests 1820-1880 Vol. 2" page 1051- lists them traveling on the ship "WA Scholton" (the Netherlands-American Steam Navigation Company) embarking in Heerde and arriving in America on 12/30/1874. This date is also confirmed from a certificate from the Ede town officials stating their move to North America. The Dutch Immigrants books lists Lubbert as a 40 yr. old farmer. The family coming over to America included Lubbert and Steventje and their 5 kids: Hendrik, Anthonie, Jantje, Aart, and Aaltje. Their first child, Jantje, had died as a baby in the Netherlands. Their last 2 children were born in America: Wilhelmina and Gerrit.
From internet site "Migrants from the Netherlands to Pella": Lubbert Van Roekel, age 38, year immigrated 1874, religion - Reformed, economic class 2 - less well-to-do, not tax paying, coming from Ede, Gelderland, occupation - workman, reason - economic improvement, with wife and 4 kids.
Discrepancy: Aaltje's birthday is listed as August 1, 1875. She would have been born after arriving in America. She is listed on the ship records in the Dutch Immigrants book as age 1, however, Aart is not listed. Aart appears to be the infant, although he is supposed to be older. Aaltje is not listed on the Ede certificate as one of the people leaving to go to America. Was Aaltje's birthday perhaps in 1874 instead of 1875?
They purchased 40 acres of land in Black Oak Township, Section 15, Mahaska County, State of Iowa. The purchase price was $30 per acre. This included a log cabin and a very small barn. It was in this cabin that Wilhelmina and Gerrit were born. They began farming in a very primitive way. In 1882, they purchased an adjoining 80 acres of land in Section 22, Black Oak Township and moved the family on this parcel of land. Purchase price was $46.25 per acre. All of the children were married while they were living on this farm with the exception of the 2 youngest. A new home was built on this farm between 1885 and 1890. Lubbert and Steventje retired and moved to Pella in 1900. Lubbert is buried at Graceland Cemetery at the north edge of Pella, Iowa.
NVDW Nancy's notes about Steventje:
I have a copy of her birth certificate. I also have a copy of a document stating their move to North America, thanks to Mabel (Westercamp) Hollingsworth. Came to America December 1874 with husband Lubbert and 4 children: Hendrik, Anthonie, Jantje and Aart. Steventje is buried in Graceland Cemetery at the north edge of Pella, Iowa. Also seen death date as April 25th. Died at 88 years and 6 days. Mabel (Westercamp) Hollingsworth tells the story of when she a girl (about 11 years old). Mabel and her mother Willemina went by train to visit Mabel's grandmother, Steventje, in Pella. While Willemina was running an errand in Pella for Steventje, Mabel stayed at her grandmother's house. Mabel said Steventje had her doing her silverware and she was very particular about how she liked things done. So she was being a bit harsh in instructing Mabel, but Steventje only spoke Dutch, so Mabel couldn't understand her. Mabel said she couldn't wait until her mother got back! Question: I have been trying to link Steventje with other Vander Pol's in Pella. I asked my grandpa Richard Van Roekel what he remembered about his grandma Steventje's family. He said there was a relative (brother?) of hers in town that was a "drifter", so they didn't speak of her family. He didn't know anything else.
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Aanvullingen Wilhelmina (Minnie)
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