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Jan Willem (William) Kreijkes

Landbouwer, zoon van Jan Hendrik Kreijkes en Janna Bordewijk, geboren 3-10-1828 NL Rijssen [61], overleden 10-11-1908 USA IA Hospers en begraven Hospers Cemetery

Trouwt 29-12-1855 NL Rijssen [25] Janna Baan, dochter van Jannes Baan en Fenneken Oolbrink, geboren 19-11-1836 NL Rijssen [72], overleden 1-4-1867 NL Rijssen [30]

Trouwt 5-3-1869 NL Rijssen [4] Hendrika Smalbrugge, zoon van Jan Smalbrugge - schipper en Aleida Horsman geboren 17-8-1838 NL Rijssen [58], overleden 20-11-1919 USA IA Hospers en begraven Hospers Cemetery

Kinderen van Jan en Janna:

  1. Fenneken Kreijkes, geboren 19-5-1856 NL Rijssen [51], overleden 18-2-1887 NL Rijssen [27]
    Trouwt 14-9-1877 NL Rijssen [27] Gerrit Dannenberg, wever, zoon van Gradus Dannenberg en Willemina Keizer, geboren 14-2-1849 NL Rijssen [17], overleden 31-1-1885 NL Rijssen [18]
  2. Jan Hendrik (John H) Kreijkes, geboren 3-11-1857 NL Rijssen [85], overleden 3-4-1915 USA IA Sheldon en begraven East Lawn Cemetery
    Trouwt 1881 Magdalena Waanders, geboren 6-7-1860 NL Weerselo, overleden 20-1-1930 USA IA Sheldon en begraven East Lawn Cemetery
  3. Janna Kreijkes, dienstmeid, dienstbode, geboren 15-1-1860 NL Rijssen [9], overleden 20-2-1890 NL Rijssen [17]
    Trouwt 1-7-1882 NL Rijssen [26] Jan Willem Scharphof, dienstknecht, zoon van Jan Scharphof en Jantje Blooten, geboren 27-10-1857 NL Wierden [156]
  4. Jannes (Janes S, Joe) Kreijkes, geboren 10-3-1862 NS Rijssen [35], overleden 5-4-1937 USA IA Hospers en begraven Hospers Cemetery
    Trouwt 1892 Hendrika (Hattie) Tesselink, geboren 22-10-1874 USA MI Overisel, overleden 1-8-1947 USA IA Sanborn en begraven bij haar man
  5. Jan Kreijkes, fabriekarbeider, geboren 1-3-1864 NL Rijssen [33], overleden 26-1-1886 NL Rijssen [5], ongehuwd
  6. Johan Kreijkes, geboren 13-11-1866 NL Rijssen [79], overleden 17-8-1868 NL Rijssen [48]

Kinderen van Jan en Hendrika:

  1. Johan Kreijkes, geboren 25-4-1870 NL Rijssen [37], overleden 8-7-1962 USA IA Sheldon en begraven Hospers Cemetery
    Trouwt 17-12-1896 USA IA Hospers Ella (Aaltje) Aardema, dochter van F Aardema en Aukje De Jong geboren 21-3-1878 NL Opsterland Ureterp [105], overleden 14-11-1952 USA IA Hospers en begraven bij haar man
  2. Arend Jan (Arie) Kreijkes, geboren 24-1-1873 NL Rijssen [4], overleden 20-5-1967 USA IA Hospers
  3. Gerrit Jan Kreijkes, geboren 16-10-1874 NL Rijssen [89], overleden 13-9-1877 NL Rijssen [71]
  4. Berend Jan Kreijkes, geboren 26-4-1876 NL Rijssen 38], overleden 18-5-1876 NL Rijssen [35]
  5. Jenneken Kreijkes, geboren 17-3-1877 NL Rijssen [27], overleden 13-12-1957
    Trouwt Johan Waanders geboren ca1877


Email Jon Kreykes 8-3-2014:
With selected parts of the book 'The Genealogical and Historical Background of the Kreykes Family and their Descendants dating from 1691 to 1977' by Alyda Kreykes Roetman. Jan Willem is coded 5-c on page 5 and 7.
Page 7 - The story has it that Jan Hendrik was in the Dutch army. When he was home on leave he felt he could not go back. He fled to America early in 1881. His father mailed him money. He wrote his brother Jannes, asking him to come to America. Jannes emigrated unmarried on 14 May 1881 to Iowa, U.S.A.
Page 7 - On 27 February 1889, Johan, Arend Jan, Jenneken emigrated from Rijssen, NetherIands to Iowa, U.S.A. with their father and mother.
Page 10, 11, 11B and 12 of the book:
Excerpts from letters written by Jan Willem Kreykes from Hospers to relatives and friends in Ryssen in the Netherlands between 1890 and 1905, and published in "De Kerk-Bode," a church news letter in 1969.
Hundreds of citizens left Holland in 1846 and later years of the 19th century. They went across the ocean to the United States in North America to make a new life for themselves.

In the beginning, groups of afgescheiden, under the leadership oftne Reverends Van Raalte, Scholte, Van Der Meulen, Bolks etc. came across to America. These emigrations were the result of difficulties that they endured.
Work was scarce. The first groups had a very difficult time of pioneering and many disappointments.
When better tidings were heard from the emigrants, many followed.
At one time, 72 persons left Gelderland in 1856. Not many from Rijssen left. Those that we knew of were the family of Niewenhuis and Van Der Berg in 1855. J.H. and J. Kreykes in 1881, the rest ofthe Kreykes family came in 1889. John Willem Kreykes-born 3 October 1828, son of Jan Hendrik Kreykes and Janna Borderwijk in 1889. There are now many by the name of Kreykes in Rijssen, not many Borderwijk, only one old man. (I have the impression that Jan Willem Kreykes parents lived on Kreykes kamp.) The parents of Jan WiIlem Kreykes were not of the poorest of their class of people.
J.H. Kreykes was one of the few who had 2 houses. The whole of Rijssen had a total of 105 houses. J. W. Kreykes stayed in his parental home until his marriage to Jenneken Baan, whose father went by the name the "Russian".
Jannes Baan born, 2 September 1797, died July 4, 1868. He was married to Fenniken Oolbrink Van Hellendoorn, and later to Jenneken Meilink Van Holten. Jan Willem Kreykes made his home in Rijssen.
Jan Wilem Kreykes was born on 3 October 1828. He married Jenniken Baan on 29 December 1855.
Six children were born to this marriage; Fenniken-married a Dannenberg and stayed in Holland, Jan Hendrik who came to America in 1881. Janna - married a Scherphof and stayed in Holland, Jannes who came to America in 1881. and Jan and Johan.

After his first wife Jennken Baan died Jan Willem Kreykes married Hendrika Smalbrugge. Five children were born to this marriage: Johan-married to Ella Aardema, Arend Jan-married to Mattie Rietsma, Gerrh Jan, Berend Jan, and Jenniken-married to Johan Waanders.
After his second marriage Jan Willem Kreykes, with his wife and children, Johan, Arend and Jenniken came to America in 1889. The family lived with his son Jan Hendrik of his first marriage for some time. Jan Hendrik had married Lena Waanders and they had three children: Jan Willem, Hanna (Anna Leemkuil and Janna (Jennie De Groot). He writes that his wife enjoys playing with Janna who is two years old and just beginning to walk. While they were there Jan Willem writes that Lena, Jan Hendriks wife gave birth to a healthy boy named Dirk (Dick Kreykes).
Later they bought a small acreage and built a house on it. so now they are on their own. Johan, Arend Jan and lenniken were helping to pay for this from their earnings. Their son Jannes of the first marriage lived with them and paid $2.00 per week board. He rented land and had a team of Dapple Greys. He earned $133.00 helping other farmers thresh. Later he writes that Jannes and Jon Hendrik bought a threshing machine for 1750.00 guilder. They now had seven horses but needed more as four of the seven were having colts. Mention is made of Jenniken (Jennie Waanders) having a good place to work. She worked for Draayoms,

In a letter dated 2 June 1889, he mentions they milk 5 cows every day. They have it good as far as food is concerned. They never had it so good. Says they have 7 old hogs and 20 pigs, 1 large pig and 10 small pigs, 8 cows, 4 horses, 1 colt. A few days ago Hendrik Jan had sold six 300 hundred pound hogs for 8 cents per pound.

Jannes becomes very sick. the Doctor comes twice a day. The pastor in Hospers visited them and Jannes who was very sick. He mentions that the pastor speaks good dutch and is Reformed. (This was Rev. Mouw.)
His daughter Janna is still very ill in Holland. He writes he would like to come to Holland to visit her. but Johan and Arend Jan say absolutely NOT. He mentions that it isn't very thing to cross the ocean. The waves are so high.
He suggests that Janna drink cod liver oil. That is good for her. He mentions that Jenniken's food does not agree with her. The doctor gave her medicine.
Jenniken is better. but he himself was very sick. Doctor came 3 times a day. He had lung fever (pneumonia).
In a letter dated April 21, 1891, he writes about prices. Fat cattle sell for 5 cents per lb., fat hogs for 5 1/2 cents per lb., corn $1.00 per bu., potatoes $1.00 per bu. They pay 25 cents for a pound of coffee, 10 cents for a pound of sugar. 15 cents for a pound of butter. eggs 11 cents per dozen, and salt 1 cent a pound.
From reading the letters. we get the impression that Jan Willem Kreykes was indeed a very strict and pious person.
He was very much concerned about the spiritual condition of his children. He mentioned that he had been concerned about Jan Hendrik but that he has shown some marks of finding salvation. As to Jan Hendrik's wife Lena he speaks of her as a "weeping Mary" who is truly seeking Jesus.
He was very critical of the Presbyterian and Reformed pastors in Hospers. He apparently attended their services and also occasionally attended a service in the Orange City Christian Reformed Church where they had a pastor more to his liking.
In 1894 when the Hospers Christian Reformed Church was organized, Jan Willem Kreykes. with his wife and three children, joined as charter members, also Jan Hendrik Kreykes with his wife and five children. and Jannes Kreykes with his wife and Johan Waanders.
Jan Willem Kreykes was also rather critical of the pastors in his own church. He would probably have felt more at home in the Netherlands Reformed church.
Our thanks to Doores and Grada Waanders tor translating these letters.
A note of interest: June 1977. there were 74 male persons living in the U.S.A. with Kreykes name, ranging in age from four weeks to 80 yrs.

In late August, 1977, Dick Kreijkes. who lives in Holland. mailed me some letters written by Jan Willem Kreijkes to his daughter Janna who stayed in Holland. Dick Kreijkes visited with the Scherphof family. and they still had these letters. They were written during the first few months after coming to America.
No date on one letter, but likely the first written after coming to America-
Dearest Daughter Janna.
Your dad. his wife. and the children arrived safely. The Lord made everything well that we had hoped. The Lord is the Provider of all good things. We were 13 days on the sea. it was mostly nice weather. but we were many times scared that it wouldn't go good. My wife was 10 days sea sick, and 100 more people with her. I and the boys were real strong. but Jenneken was also a few days sick. 1 was the strongest. and that surprised my wife. My wife left the sickness behind in the boat. and now she feels real good. We were 3 days and 3 nights on the train. It wasn't so easy, believe me! We got on the boat the second of March, and arrived here the nineteenth of March. Ve were three hours from our destination, and the boys came for us with the horses. The boys were very happy to see us. You can imagine that. They did not know lohan. because he had grown so much. and at tirst I did not recognize Jan Hendrick because he was wearing a coat of bear skins. It was very cold.
Your father, I.W. Kreijkes

In all of the letters he expressed a longing to see her and her children. He closed most of his letter with - if we do not see each other again on this earth, may we meet in heaven. Many times he expressed his faith in God.
If you will notice, janna died about a year after the family left for America. Her husband was already dead. and her children were very small. There was an indication in one of the letters that Janna's husband's brother and his wife took the children, and there was an expression of gratitude for their kindness.
Dick Kreykes also visited the Dannenberg family. About ten years ago they destroyed all of the letters that Jan Willem Kreykes had written to that family. If you will notice, Fenneken had died two years before the family came to America. Her husband had died two years earlier. and there were three small children, one an infant. After studying the history of the family, I can understand the note of sadness in Jan Willem's letters, In one of the letters, he wrote how Jenneken (Mrs. Waanders) wished Janna and the children were here in America.

I asked several of the older generation when the ij in Kreykes was changed to y, and none of them knew. However, Kreykes is still spelled with the ij in Holland, and is pronounced the same say we pronounce it. Then I asked several what the name Kreykes meant, and no one seemed to know. Alyda
In my correspondence with Dick Kreykes in Holland, I asked him if he knew what Kreykes meant. In a letter from him in August 1977. he sent me a photostatic copy of a letter he had received from the Royal Netherlands University of Science at Amsterdam. He had written them in November 1964, asking them what the name Kreykes meant. This is what Dick Kreykes had translated for me -You read that the family·name Kreijkes is a patrimonial of "son of Kreijke". They suppose that our for-forfather has been a sharp and dignified man and through this he got he nickname "crow". In Dutch crow is in dialect "Kreeijke". The son of a little crow call we 'kreeijke (szoon)". At this way they suppose the name Kreijkes has been born. You see the comparison "Kreeijkes Jan Wilm". If it is the truth nobody knows, but why we shall not believe it. Dick

This picture (there are more in the book) was taken by Marvella Kreykes Woltjes and her husband John when they visited in Holland in 1972. This is the original farm where the Kreykes family was born and lived. This is the farm itself. The house is attached to the back of the barn, but you cannot really see that in this picture.

Genealogie Kreijkes
Brief van Jan Willem uit de USA aan dochter Janna:
lieve dogter Janna Kreijkes ? ik moet uw ? als dad wij allen goed op schik zijn behalven onze Jannes die is heel ziek geworden ? die heeft het in zijn regterzijde gekregen ? hij kermp van pijn dad hij ophoest schijnd bloed te wezen ? de dokter komp twee maal daags bij Jannes ? het schijnt niet bes met hem ? de dokter zeg hij heef een steek aan de loog ? God is magtig maar het schijnt niet bes met onze Jannes ? nog hem God maar genade schenken ? dad is mijn wens en bede voor hem ? ik zal uw later weer schrijven slimmer of beter hoor ? nu lieve dogter doed al de vrienden van ons en uw minzame groete en de kindren van uw en onz fenken int bijzonder ? en schutten Jan Willen Danneberg ? en voor al aan Jenken voord-Man en Jannes Kreijkes en kindren ? zeg maar dat wij goed op schik zijn ? doed de groete aan iesrel spanjer ? en aan Kwikkeloo en den Notaris - en aan H. Stokkers Gemeente ontfanger ? zeg maar dad het ons goed staat in Amerika ? als de Here maar met ons zijn mag dan kan het goedgaan ? anders deug het nergens ? maar het valt mij hier mede o ik heb ook al Gods kindren ontmoet ? ik was blij dad die daar nog waren. Janna doed de groete ook aan ter Hors en zijn gezin ? nu moed ik voor did maal eindigen met de pen maar nooit methet hard geloof dat vrij. Wij hebben al zes keer uit gewees met het rijtuig na de verziette ik en mijn vrou en jenken ? het is alle dagen Kreijkes moet ook bij ons komen. Ik vinde nog vrienden en bekenden daar men met genoegen wezen kan. De domie inHospers heef ook bij ons gewees onze Jannes bezoeken ? ik had hem ook gehoord in de kerk ? hij stond mij goed aan ? hij praat goed Hollands maar ook Gereftemeerd - hij heef ons uitgenodigd om te komen praten bij hem ? wij zijn er nog niet na toe gewees ? met de omstandigheden van onze Jannes ? nu in de hoop dad uw letters in welstand mogen geworden dad is mijn wens en bede ? uw vriend en vader J.W. Kreijkes.

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