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Adrianus (Adrian Johan) Elings

Kelner, zoon van Derk Elings en Ant(h)onia van Ren(n)es, geboren 30-6-1857 NL Hemmen [3], overleden 5-7-1941 USA WA Yakima Co en begraven Zillah Cemetery

Trouwt 4-11-1880 Gorinchem [74] Agatha Stufkens, dochter van Jan Stufkens en Carolina Karsmeijer, geboren 25-7-1852 Gorinchem [196], overleden USA WA Zillah en begraven bij haar man


  1. Carolina Pieternella Elings, geboren 11-3-1881 Rotterdam [1176], overleden 26-4-1881 Gorinchem [108, Rotterdam 1761]
  2. Jan Dirk (John D) Elings, geboren 11-3-1882 Rotterdam [1309], overleden 11-3-1967 USA MT Conrad en begraven Hillside Cemetery
    Trouwt Priscilla (Pieterke) Van Dyken, dochter van Lambertus P Van Dyken en Anje Wigboldus, geboren 9-2-1884 NL Bedum Zuidwolde [30], overleden 25-5-1959 USA MT Conrad en begraven bij haar man
  3. Carolina (Lena) Elings, geboren 2-1-1884 NL Amsterdam, overleden 11-1-1959 USA MT Gallatin Co en begraven Church Hill Cemetery
    Trouwt 18-10-1905 Klaas (Clauson) Bos, zoon van John H Bos en Grietje Siekman, geboren 1-10-1882 NL Bierum Spijk [97], overleden 2-11-1971 USA MT Bozeman en begraven bij zijn vrouw
  4. Joseph Adrian (Joe) Elings, geboren 1-12-1885 NL Amsterdam, overleden 5-7-1953 USA MT Bozeman en begraven Sunset Hills Cemetery
    Trouwt 6-2-1908 Minnie Hyink, dochter van Boudwyn Hyink en Dena Naves, geboren 25-2-1889 USA IA Orange City, overleden 22-11-1960 USA MT Bozeman en begraven bij haar man
  5. Rev Dirk Anton (Dick) Elings, geboren 16-5-1888 NL Amsterdam, overleden 8-7-1961 USA WA Bellinham en begraven Yakima Terrace Heights Memorial Park
    Trouwt Freda Kemper, dochter van Aleko John Kemper en Cornelia Mary Vermulm, geboren 24-1-1892 USA IA Rock Valley, overleden 18-3-1943 USA WA Yakima en begraven Terrace Heights Memorial Park
    Trouwt 1946 Jeanne Wagenaar, dochter van Harmen Jans Wagenaar en Tjitske Andrea, weduwe van George J Ramerman, geboren 7-3-1891 USA MI Grand Rapids, overleden 26-6-1978 USA WA Bellinham en begraven Lyndem Monumental Cemetery


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Obituary of Adrianus
He was born as Adrianus Elings in the village and municipality Hemmen, province Gelderland, in the southeastern part of the Netherlands. His parents are Dirk Elings, 43 y, baker, and Antonia or Toontje van Renes. He didn't have to go in the national army in 1877 because of brother service.

On 4 November 1880 waiter Adrianus Elings, 23 y, residing in the city of Dordrecht, province Zuid-Holland, married in the city of Gorinchem, Zuid-Holland, to the five years older Agatha Stufkens, who was born there. On 26 April 1881 their daughter Carolina Pieternella died at Gorinchem, less than one year old. Their son John D. was born in Rotterdam on Mar. 11, 1882. Almost nothing is known of their life in Holland except that they had lived in Amsterdam for a long time, where they operated a hotel. Their children Carolina was born here on 2 Januray 1884 Joe on 1 December 1886 and Dick (or Dirk) 16 May 1888.

The Elings family sailed from Antwerp about Oct. 22, 1897 aboard the German Diedericksen liner Olinda, and docked in Galveston, Texas, on Nov 14, 1897. Of a first party of 50 immigrants, 46 men, women, and children were bound for Nederland. The Galveston newspaper was especially laudatory of them, explaining that the Dutchmen were the "cleanest, best-dressed people to arrive in Galveston in many years. None carried less than $30, and several speak some English..." The immigrants traveled via the Gulf and Interstate Railroad to Beaumont and then over the Kansas City Southern rails to Port Arthur where they spent the night of Nov. 17 in the Nash Hotel. The next morning they were taken to the Orange Hotel in the tiny Dutch settlement Nederland, where sadly the host lady, Agatha Elings, had to begin cooking for 46 hungry tenants.

The Elings family left Nederland in 1900, settling at first on the East Coast. In Dec. 1900 the Elings family resettled at New Glatz, MD., which is in Prince George County, a short distance south of Washington D.C. In June 1903 they moved to the Dutch settlement Holland, later on called Amsterdam-Churhill, Gallatin County, in the southwestern part of Montana. In 1909 the family moved to a farm 9 miles east of Conrad, the seat of Pondera County, in the northern part of Montana.

In 1918 his daughter Carolina Bos' family moved to Zillah, in the Yakima River valley of Washington. Adrian and his wife Agatha followed them in about 1921. Agatha died there on Jan. 3, 1926, at the of age 73 years. In the 1930 census A. J. Elings was enumerated as a 73-year-old widower, lodger, and farm worker in Seattle. Adrian lived with his son Dirk's family for the 2 years immediately prior to his death in Yakima, Washington, where he died in July 1941, and was buried beside his wife Agatha on Plot S-12 in the Zillah Cemetery.

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Obituary of Klaas Bos
He was born Klaas Bos in October 1882, so not in 1883 as his gravestone states, in the country village of Spijk. located in the northeastern part of the Dutch northeastern province Groningen. On April 19, 1893 his father, laborer Jan Bos, his mother Grietje and his siblings Jan (17 years old), Aaltje (16), Klaas (13), Anna (9), Adolf (7) and Martje (4) arrived on the SS Maasdam at New York, Ellis Island. Their last residence place in the Netherlands was Spijk, a country village in the former municipality Bierum, since 1990 part of mun. Delfzijl, in the northeast of the province Groningen, and their destination was Bozeman, seat of Gallatin County, located in the southwestern part of Montana.

In 1900 Clauzon Bos (18 years old, born in Holland, farm laborer), his parents, farmer John and Gertie Bos, and siblings Henry (23, Holland, black smith), John (26, Holland, black smith), Alice (23, Holland), Anna (21, Holland), Adolph (15, New York, Irish) and Martha (13, Iowa) were living in Manhattan, Gallatin County, Montana.

On October 18, 1905 Clauson Bos married Carolina Elings, who had Dutch parents too. They had five children and they lived in the period 1905-1918 in Churchill, Gallatin County, Montana, and from 1918 until 1926 in Moxee City and Zillah, Washington ; then they returned to Churchill. See for a very detailed story about the Bos Elings family in the USA by a granddaughter and a granddaughter's husband: Enkele notities over de familie Adrian Johan Elings

In 1910 Clausen Bos (27) lived with his wife Lena (25) and their children Joe (2) and Grace (1) in schooldistrict 58 of Gallatin County, probably in or near the Dutch settlement of Holland, later on called Amsterdam-Churchill. In 1920 Clauson, his wife Lena A and their children Joseph A (12), Grace (10), John (8), Dick A (6) and Henry (5) Bos lived in Moxee City or Zillah, Yakima County, Washington. In 1930 Clauson, his wife Lena A and their children Joseph A (22), Grace (20), John H (18), Richard A (16) and Henry J (15) lived at West Gallatin, Gallatin County, Montana. In 1940 farmer Clauson Bos (56) lived with his wife Lena A (56) and their son Henry J (25, road worker) on a rented farm in the Dutch settlement Holland, Godfrey Canyon Road, Gallatin County, Montana. Clauson was for many years member of the graingrowers partnership called the "Bos Brothers".

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