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Anthonie (Tone) Van Roekel

Zoon van Lubbert (Lewis) van Roekel en Steventje van de Pol, geboren 4-5-1869 02:00 NL Lunteren [115], overleden 22-12-1955 en begraven USA IA Oskaloosa Forest Cemetery

Trouwt 7-3-1894 USA IA Pella Gertrude (Gerritje) van de Vlekkert (Vander Flikkert), dochter van Hendrikus van de Vlekkert - landbouwer en Anna Brummel - landbouwster, geboren 17-11-1875 Epe [245], overleden 4-3-1943 en begraven bij haar man


  1. Stevanna van Roekel, geboren 28-2-1896, overleden 23-6-1986 en begraven USA KS Prairie View Centery
  2. Anna van Roekel, geboren 18-5-1898, overleden 19-8-1996
  3. Louis O van Roekel, geboren 26-4-1901 USA IA Marion County, overleden 13-8-1959 USA IA Oskaloosa en begraven Forest Cemetery
  4. Harriet Caroline van Roekel, geboren 13-6-1904, overleden 1997 en begraven USA IA Oskaloosa Forest Cemetery
  5. Otto Henry van Roekel, geboren 15-1-1906, overleden 7-5-1996 USA Iowa Oskaloosa en begraven Forest Cemetery
  6. Richard Henry van Roekel, geboren 17-3-1912 US KA Prairie View, overleden 27-10-2003 USA IA Oskaloosa en begraven Leighton Evergreen Cemetery


Dutch in America, 1800s, Vanroekel, Anton, Family Status: Son, Age: 4, Sex: Male, Occupation: Children under 14, Ship Accommodations: Steerage Port of Embarkation: Rotterdam, Netherlands, Port of Arrival: New York, Vessel: W. a scholton (netherlands -american steam navigation company), Destination: U.S.A. (no specific place stated), Date of Arrival: 12/30/74, Last Residence: Unidentified dutch municipality, Microfilm Roll: M-237 New York, Reel: 395

Nancy's notes about Anthonie

Have seen Epe, Ede and Wageningen as birth towns for Anthonie. Richard Van Roekel says it was Epe. Certificate of Anthonie's family move to America lists his birthplace as Ede. Have also seen death year as 1953. Anthonie came to America in Dec. 1874 with his parents and siblings Hendrik, Jantje and Aart. Anthonie was 5 1/2 at the time. "Tone" married Gertrude in the Pella Third Reformed Church parsonage. The roads were so muddy that they went to Pella in a two-wheel "whipper" cart instead of the usual "top buggy".

The first 2 years of their married life were spent farming a farm in Black Oak township, near Leighton, Iowa. In 1896, they moved 4 miles east of Pella to a little brick house in a lane. It had a fairly good sized kitchen and a small bedroom downstairs, and 2 small bedrooms upstairs. 3 of their children were born in that house: Stevanna, Anna and Louis. In 1903, they moved 2 miles east and 2 miles north of Pella, where Harriet and Otto were born.

Tone suffered from a bad case of asthma. There were times in the winter that he would catch a cold. He coughed so badly that he would land on the floor and be crawling on his knees. Many people advised him to go to another climate. His mother was sure that the climate in Holland would help him. She wanted him to try it so badly that she and his father paid for him to travel there to see if it would help. The trip to Holland was useless as it did not help his asthma and he returned home. Gertrude's step-sister Nettie Pothoven, also has asthma and had gone to Prairie View, Kansas and found relief.

In the fall of 1906, Tone went alone to Prairie View, Kansas, where he, too, found relief for his asthma and in 1907, he moved his family there. At that time they had 5 children. The last child, Richard, was born in Prairie View.

Kansas was going through a severe drought for 7 years, and there were no crops to speak of, so the family returned to Iowa in 1914. They moved their household and animals by train boxcar. They rented a farm near Leighton, Iowa and in 1915 moved east of Wright, Iowa to the "Unsucker place". They lived there for 20 years. After leaving that farm they made several moves - the last home together being east of Oskaloosa and the place where Gertrude died. After Gertrude's death, Tone made his home with his brother, Aart, in Pella while working in a produce house and a nephew's plumbing shop. For a few years before his death, he lived with his children. Tone died at the home of Louis (his son) and Maggie Van Roekel in Oskaloosa. He is buried in Forest Cemetery, Oskaloosa, Iowa.
This story was primarily written by Anna Den Hartog.

Memories of Anthonie (Tone) by his grandchildren:

"I remember driving our "T Ford" in a large circle on their barnyard at the age of 4 or 5. I loved to ride Grandpa's pony and walk to the orchard to help Grandpa as he cared for the smoking of meat. Grandpa taught me how to chop off a chicken's head and also to skin it and fry it in home made butter." - Joyce

"Those last years he took turns living in his children's homes (after grandma had died)...I loved him and he would tease me and I would torment him. He was teaching me to ride the bicycle and one day I thought he was holding on to my bike and I turned around and he was gone - I was riding alone. I didn't need help after that." - Judy

"One time I asked him how come he knew everything and he said it was because he had made so many mistakes and you learn from your mistakes." - Melvin


Nancy's notes about Gertrude

Also seen spelled Van Den Vleckkert and various other spellings. However, Van De Vlekkert appears to be on their marriage certificate. It is also spelled van de Vlekkert on her father's birth and marriage certificates. Came to America in 1887 with her mother Anna (Brummel) van de Vlekkert, grandparents Wolter Brummel and Dirkje (van Zuuk) Brummel, and brother Arend van de Vlekkert and sister Dirkje van de Vlekkert.

Memories of Gertrude from her grandchildren:

"Grandma had a very large garden and had a kitchen in the basement. The 'girls' always helped her can meat and make bologna. She was also a good seamstress and made quilts." - Joyce

"I remember going to grandma's and thinking how great it was to turn on a switch and there was light - or to flush the toilet - what fun! I remember her Christmas trees, I can still see those ornaments. I remember her taking me to a restaurant in the block of the old Montgomery Ward store and getting a coney island...their dog Colonel..playing games in the front yard with cousins or neighbors...staying all night.." - Evelyn

"I remember riding in a cart pulled by a pony named Phoebe. Also riding a horse in a circle running a corn elevator, and taking a bath in a real bath tub. Grandma always had fresh and dried fruit and candy. She also read Bible story books." - Melvin

Gertrude had diabetes and lost her sight in one eye. She died due to open sores on her back from the diabetes. She and Tone were members of the Central Reformed Church, Oskaloosa, Iowa since 1915. She is buried in Forest Cemetery, Oskaloosa, Iowa.

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