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Martina (Martha) van Roekel

Dochter van Jan Harmsen van Roekel en Grada Jansen, geboren 8-6-1849 Wageningen [92], overleden 3-6-1924 USA IA en begraven Orange CityWestlawn Cemetery

Trouwt 8-6-1869 Willem (William) Korver, zoon van Jan Korver en Marritje van Deyl, geboren 31-10-1841 Vinkeveen en Waverveen [83], overleden 2-4-1909 USA IA en begraven Orange City Westlawn Cemetery


  1. Jan (John) Korver, geboren 8-2-1870 8-2-1870 USA IA Marion Pella, overleden 30-7-1930 USA IA Woodbury Sioux City en begraven Sheldon East Lawn Cemetery
  2. Gradus (George) Korver, geboren 11-3-1872 USA IA Alton, overleden 11-4-1939 USA IA Orange City en begraven Westlawn Cemetery
  3. Martin Korver, geboren 26-11-1874 26-11-1874 USA IA Orange City, overleden 25-7-1954 USA IA Orange City en begraven Westlawn Cemetery
  4. Jennie (Jane) Korver, geboren 22-8-1879 22-8-1879 USA IA, overleden 26-4-1959 USA MN Leota en begraven Leota Cemetery
  5. Gertrude (Gertie) Korver, geboren 25-3-1882 USA IA Orange City, overleden 18-4-1944 USA IA Orange City en begraven West Lawn Cemetery
  6. Willempie (Mattie) Korver, geboren 2-7-1884 USA IA Orange City, overleden 17-4-1962 USA IA Orange City en begraven Westlawn Cemetery
  7. Gerrit Korver, geboren 23-5-1891 USA IA Orange City, overleden 19-8-1958 USA MN Hendricks en begraven Holland Cemetery
  8. Maartje (Marjorie) Korver, geboren 1896, overleden 1898


Ede gereconstrueerd bevolkingsregister:
IR Ship:
Vanroeckel, Martine, Son, Dressmaker, tailor, Male, 16, Quebec, Netherlands, Arrival in U.S. 8/10/65, Public archives of Canada, Quebec, Microfilm Nr 4520, Ship Belgian, Steerage, between decks
Iowa Gravestone Photo Project:
West Lawn Cemetery Sioux County, Iowa
Long North Center Section, from the east side going west row 1. Part of Section A.
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Obituary of Martina van Roekel

Mrs. Wm. Korver, a pioneer resident of Orange City passed on Wednesday morning after an attack of paralysis.

She had not been well for some time but was not seriously ill and plans had been made for a family gathering today, Friday, to celebrate her coming birthday, on Sunday, when she would have been 74 years old. The funeral will be held instead, from the house at 1:30- and at 2:00 o'clock at the First Christian Ref. church. Mr. Korver died 15 years ago.

All of the seven children are living, John, George and Martin of Alton, Mrs. John Mouw of Leota, Minn., Mrs. Dick Riensma Alton, Mrs. Ed Mouw, Grundy Center Ia. and Gerrit Korver, Alton.

Alton Democrat 1924-06-07.

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