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Gerrit Hulstein

Zoon van Cornelis Hulsteijn en Rijkje van Roekel, geboren 4-1-1861 23:00 Bennekom [6], overleden 26-1-1934 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens

Trouwt 28-10-1886 USA IA Sioux Center Cornelia Verploegh, dochter van Koenrad Verploegh en Pietertje de Kock, geboren 9-3-1869 USA IA Pella, overleden 14-11-1940 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens

Cornelia hertrouwt 5-3-1938 Andrew Van Drimmelen, weduwnaar van Trijntje NN, zoon van Robert J en Cornelia Van Drimmelen, geboren 1867, overleden 30-9-1957 USA IA Pella en begrven Oak Wood Cemetery


  1. Rijkje (Hattie) Hulstein, geboren 7-5-1887 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 19-11-1964 USA IA Rock Rapids en begraven USA IA Doon Hillside Cemetery
  2. Petertje (Pietertje, Pearl) Hulstein, geboren 16-6-1889 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 13-8-1958 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memeory Gardens
  3. Cornelius G (Neal) Hulstein, geboren 26-11-1891 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 27-1-1973 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
  4. Coenraad (Conrad) Hulstein, geboren 26-7-1894 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 1-4-1972 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven USA IA Carmel Reformed Church Cemetery
  5. Willem Cornelius (William) Hulstein, geboren 5-10-1897 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 31-5-1973 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
  6. Hendrik Jan (Henry) Hulstein, geboren 12-9-1900 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 26-2-1959 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
  7. Steven G Hulstein, geboren 5-8-1903 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 7-6-1986 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
  8. Johanna Margaretha Hulstein, geboren 5-11-1905 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 6-9-1990 USA WA Everett en begraven USA IA Sioux Center Memory Gardens
  9. Edward Raymond Hulstein, geboren 3-11-1908 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 18-1-2005 USA MN Luverne en begraven USA MN Edgerton Hillside Cemetery


HSC370 - Family History F267:


Gerrit and Caroline (Ver Ploegh) Hulstein lived in the rural Carmel area all of their family life. They were farmers and lived on the same farm where they raised their children.

Standard of transportation, horse and buggy, kept the family in the common small realm of rural environment with school, church life and farm work.
Gerrit was born Jan. 3, 1861, to Cornelius Hulstein and Rykje (Van Roekel). He married "Caroline" Cornelia Ver Ploeg, born in 1869, daughter of Conrad Ver Ploegh.

Gerrit liked to "break in" wild horses in the fall and sell them in the spring. Horses were the "horse power" used in all the farming operation. He was a very able gentleman and loved handling animals. The family had a large garden and orchard. A peddle wagon from the Carmel store would come around to sell the groceries that were not produced on the farm. Their first car was purchased about 1917.

Gerrit and Caroline Hulstein retired in Sioux Center and became members of the Central Reformed Church. Gerrit died in 1934 and Caroline died in 1940. They are buried in the Sioux Center Cemetery.

Gerrit Hulstein Family. Back Row L-R: Pearl, Conrad, Cornelius, Hattie, William.
Middle Row L-R: Henry, Mother, Steven, Father, Johanna. Front Row: Edward Raymond.

Their nine children were as follows:

"Hattie" Rykje Hulstein was born May 7,1887. She married Ralph Kastein. They lived at Doon, lowa, and had seven children.

"Pearl" Peterje Hulstein was born Sept, 16, 1889. She married Peter Bos. They were from Sioux Center and the parents of six children.

"Neal" Cornelius Hulstein was born Nov. 26, 1891. He married Clara Vermeer. They were from Sioux Center and the parents of eight children.

"Conrad" Coenraad Hulstein was born July 26, 1894. He married Grace Van Maanen and they were the parents of eleven children.

Willem Cornelius Hulstein was born Oct.5, 1897. He married Ann Schuiteman. They were from Sioux Center and the parents of five children.

"Henry" Hendrik Jan Hulstein was born Sept. 12, 1900. He married Alice Juffer. They were from Sioux Center and the parents of five children.

Steven Hulstein was born August 5, 1903. He married Pauline Ver Hoef. They were from Sioux Center and the parents of two chi1dren.

Johanna Margaret Hulstein was born Nov, 5, 1904. She married George Lihudis. They were from Sioux Center and the parents of two sons.

"Raymond" Edward Reymon Hulstein was born Nov. 3, 1908. He married Della Gritters. They were from Carmel and later moved to Edgerton, MN, and were the parents of thirteen children.

A picture of this family also accompanies the Gerit Hulstein story by Eunice and Cheryl Hulstein.

by Johanna Lihudis and Wilma J. Vande Berg

Oude foto's van Gerrit en Caroline en hun huis:
Iowa Gravestone Photo Project:
Sioux Center Memory Gardens Cemetery, Sioux County, Iowa
Between 2nd and 3rh E-W roads, Row 1 east of west entry road.
G. 1862-1934 Mrs. G. 1869-1940
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Obituaries of Gerrit and Cornelia

Two pioneer Sioux Center citizens passed away Friday.

Mr. Aart Schuiteman died Friday at midnight after being ill since Monday. Mr. Gerrit Hulstein dropped dead Friday morning of a blood clot in the arteries near the heart.


Mr. Hulstein succumbed to a heart attack Friday morning. He had put on his wraps and was just about to open the door preparatory to going to town for groceries when he collapsed and died without regaining consiousness.

He had plannes to go to Sioux City that day with Mrs. Hulstein to visit their son, Raymond, who was in hospital there following an eye operation.

Mr. Hulstein was born in the Netherlands January 3, 1862. At the age of nine he, with the rest of the family immigrated to America. They first settled at Pella where they lived for a few years before they again moved to a more virgin country.

Forty-seven years ago he was united in marriage to Miss Cornelia Ver Ploeg by Rev. James De Pree. The young couple settled on a farm northwest of town where they lived happily until 1919 they retired and moved to Sioux Center, building the house in which they now live.

Mr. Hulstein is survived by his widow; nine children, Mrs. Ralph Cassen, Canton; Mrs. Peter Bos, Sanborn; Neal, Conrad, Will, Henry, Steven, Mrs. George Lehudis, and Raymond, all of whom live in this vicinity; and two brothers, Steven and Will; and 42 grandchildren.

Rev. J.H. Keuning conducted the funeral services, which were held at the home and in the Central Ref. Church.

Sioux Center News 1934-02-01.

Death called two well-known Sioux Center women this week.

They were Mrs. Minnie May Forgie and Mrs. Cornelia Van Drimmelen. Mrs. Forgie passed away in the Hull hospital after a lingering illness of several weeks, while Mrs. Van Drimmelen died very suddenly in her home after a heart attack, last Thursday morning, November 14th.


Mrs. A. Van. Drimmelen passed away very suddenly at her home at about 10:35 o'clock Thursday morning, Nov. 14. She had passed her 71st birthday.

Mrs. A. Van Drimmelen, daughter of Koenrad Verploeg and Petertje de Kock was born south of Pella, Iowa on March 9, 1869. The family moved to Sioux County about 1875.

In 1886 she married Gerrit Hulstein and settled on a fram 1 miles north and west of Sioux Center. Mr. Hulstein died Jan 25, 1934. 9 children were born - all left to mourn the loss of a devoted and loving mother.

On March 5, 1938 she married A. Van Drimmelen who is now left to mourn.

The Lord has given, The Lord has taken, blessed be the name of the Lord. Our loss is her gain. She was a devout Christian woman, always wanted to do something for other people never asking for anything, happy in the thought that she had a desire to do some thing for her Saviour Christ Jesus.

So - Let us think of her faning on as dear. In the love of there as the love of Here; Think of her still as the same today; She is not dead - She is just away.

Funeral services where held Monday afternoon, Nov. 18 at her home at one o'clock and at 1:30 o'clock at the Central Reformed Church with Rev. .R. D. Meengs her pastor in charge. Interment was in Sioux Center cemetery.

Survivor are Mrs. Hattie Kastein, R. Rapids; Cornelius, Hull; Conrad, Carmel; Mrs. Peter Vos, William, Henry, Steven, Raymond, and Mrs. John Lehudis, all of Sioux Center. Two sisters also survive, Mrs. R. C. Jongewaard and Mrs. Dreka Wesselink. There are 51 grand-children and 17 great grandchildren.

Sioux Center News 1940-11-21.

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