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David Broek

Veehouder, zoon van Jan Jans Broek en Stijntje van Wijhe, geboren 19-10-1852 NL Kampen [360], overleden 16-4-1908 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens

Trouwt 28-9-1876 Kampen [104] Jaapje Hupser, dochter van Hannes Hupser - arbeider en Aaltjen ten Hoove, geboren 5-2-1854 Kampen [44], overleden 13-3-1880 NL Kampen [135]

Trouwt 15-7-1880 NL Kampen [90] Margaret (Marregien, Marretje) Van Dijk, dochter van Willem van Dijk en Hillegje Selles, geboren 25-9-1852 NL Kampen [321], overleden 20-7-1943 USA IA Rock Valley en begraven Sioux Center Memory Gardens

Kinderen van David en Marregien

  1. Stijntje Broek, geboren 19-2-1882 NL Kampen [96], overleden 6-2-1885 NL Kampen [51]
  2. William (Willem) Broek, geboren 7-8-1883 NL Kampen [412], overleden 22-9-1963 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
    Trouwt 16-9-1912 Hattie Hooyer, geboren 18-1-1887 NL Arnhem, overleden 18-9-1968 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
  3. Hilligje (Hilda) Broek, geboren 22-1-1885 NL Kampen [37]
  4. Stijntje Broek, geboren 17-3-1886 NL Kampen [163], overleden 19-1-1888 NL Kampen [18]
  5. Jan (John) Broek, geboren 29-3-1888 Kampen [160], overleden 30-10-1973 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
  6. Stijntje (Christina) Broek, geboren 12-12-1889 Kampen [632], overleden 10-2-1950 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
    Trouwt 24-8-1910 USA IA Sioux Center Syne Sybesma, geboren 25-6-1885 Pieterburen, overleden 10-1-1942 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
  7. Barteld (Bert) Broek, geboren 25-7-1891 Kampen [406], overleden 26-11-1962 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens
  8. Evertje Effie Broek, geboren 4-5-1894 Kampen [234], overleden 20-4-1971 USA IA Rock Valley en begraven Valley View Cemetery
    Trouwt 10-2-1915 USA IA Sioux Center Henry Paul Altena, zoon van Sam Altena en Jula Roghair, geboren 4-9-1892 USA IA Maurice, overleden 17-4-1968 USA IA Rock Valley en begraven Valley View Cemetery


HSC263 - Family History F88, waarin ook de geschiedenis van David Broek en Margaret van Dyke:


Tracing our family' s history and origin back in history has found that the Broek family name was originally taken in 1811 by Jon Broek great-great grandfather of William Broek. The Broek name was taken per decree from Napolean then ruler of Europe that everyone take a sir name. Prior to that time no one had thought of obtaining a family name. The name Broek was chosen because at that time Jon Broek was living just outside the city of Kampen, Netherlands on a small farm with lots of pasture on which his cattle grazed. The name Broek refers to marshland, and since most people took sir names associated with occupations or locations of homes ... Jon took the name Broek.

The sur name Broek is synonymous with Kampen, Netherlands. For almost 300 years and even to this day Broeks have been residents of Kampen. It is without surprise then that our direct ancestors immigrated out of Kampen, and it was in the early spring of 1904 that Grandfather David Broek along with his wife and six children left their home in Kampen for the long trip to America.

After leaving Kampen the family traveled to Liverpool, England to board the passenger ship Cretic for passage to America. "The country where dreams come true". The liner left Liverpool on April 21, 1904 and arrived at Boston harbor on April 30 with 564 passengers on board including Grandfather David age 52, wife Margaret age 52 and their six children, William age 21, Hilda age 19, John age 16, Christina age 15, Bert age 13 and Effie age 10. It was quite a trip across the stormy Atlantic, conditions ware crowded and the food was not the same as the rich Dutch food the family was accustomed to. Keeping the youngsters in line was a full time job for the already anxious parents.

Broek Family L-R: Effie, Bert, Christina, John, William.

Following their leaving the ship the family took a train across the eastern part of the United States to Hull, Iowa ... It seemed like it was a never ending trip all the way from Boston to Iowa, to cross Holland even in that day took only a day but here in America it took almost four days to cross half way across the new homeland. The family arrived safely in Hull and were met by Lammert Van Whye a cousin to Grandfather David Broek, he took the family of immigrants to his farm three miles north of Sioux Center.

A few weeks later in the summer of 1904 the family moved to a farm four miles north and 1/2 west of Sioux Center and set up farming . . . of course there were no modern facilities there, the family was busy with cattle feeding and milking. However tragedy struck the newly immigrated family, Grandfather David became ill and in a few weeks passed away leaving a widow with six children in a strange land and little resources. This forced the young men of the family to work at neighboring farms to earn extra money for the family. Later the family moved again, this time to a farm one and a half miles west of Sioux Center.

The young family grew up, the boys grew into manhood and on September 12, 1912 William the oldest of the family married Hattie Hooyer a beautiful young Dutch girl who had moved into Sioux County from Oskaloosa who had in turn immigrated with her family trom Holland a few years earlier. William and his new bride began their life together on a farm just northeast of Sioux Center. It was there that eight children, five boys and three girls were born. Margaret who died at the age of 6 years in 1919, Marlon who died in 1989 at the age of 75, Harriet who was born in 1915, David who died at the age of 17 in 1934, Albert born in 1920, John who died in 1964, Margaret who was born in 1925 and Donald who was born in 1933. William and Hattie farmed until 1947 then moved into Sioux Center to retire. William was involved in a number of community organizations and served on the Consistory of the Second Christian Reformed Church for a number of years. William died on Sept. 22, 1963 at the age of 83. Hattie died on September 18, 1968 at the age of 81.

by Donald W. Broek

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Obituary of David


Den 26sten April nam de Heere tot Zich onzen geliefden Man en Vader


in den ouderdom van 55 jaren. Zijn lijden was lang en soms smartelijk. We geloven dat hij nu boven alle lijden verheven is bij zijn Zaligmaker. Buren en vrienden zeggen wij hartelijk dank voor hun hulp en belangstelling die ons gewerd gedurende de ziekte en uitvaart van onzen dierbare.


Sioux Center Nieuwsblad 1908-05-06.

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