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Martin Wierda

Zoon van Leuwe Wierda en Hemke De Groot, geboren 10-3-1891 USA MI Zeeland

Trouwt 1911 Ida De Lange, dochter van Rev en Mrs Thomas De Lange

Trouwt 26-2-1924 Rena Faber - Bakker, dochter van Rev en Mrs Thomas De Lange

Kinderen van Martin en Ida:

  1. Lewis Wierda geboren 1913 USA MI Zeeland, overleden 1984 en begraven USA IA Maurice Sherman Twp Cemetery
    Trouwt Lucille Franken, geboren 1915, overleden 2002 en begraven USA IA Maurice Sherman Twp Cemetery
  2. Delia Wierda
    Trouwt Henry A Franken
  3. Henrietta Wierda
    Trouwt Wm Parsonson
  4. Thomas Wierda, geboren 1917, overleden 1999 en begraven USA IA Orange City West Lawn Cemetery
    Trouwt Lucille C Kleinhesselink, geboren 1929
  5. Martha Wierda, geboren 26-1-1920

Kinderen van Martin en Rena:

  1. George Bakker
    Trouwt Ione Ernsterhof
  2. Reynold Wierda
    Trouwt Margaret Hughes
  3. Marvin Wierda
    Trouwt Lorraine Jensen
  4. Jane Eva Wierda
    Trouwt Peter Duits
  5. Bernard Wierda
    Trouwt Freida Meade
  6. Myrtle Wierda
    Trouwt Clarence Kiel


HSC659 - Family History F753:


Martin Wierda's ancestry bas an interesting account of the perilof crossing the ocean in route to America in 1864. Martin Wierda's father Leuwe Wierda came over from Holland at the age of ten with his parents Folkert Baukes Wierda and Tryntje "Kate" Speulstra and two sisters. The sailing vessel they embarked from Holland in was a three mast ship that was in a ship wreck and lost its mast in a storm. The vessel had to make landing in Portugal and remained there six months to get it repaired, so that it would be sea worthy again. The name of the ship was "Langeres" which means long trip. The captain's name was Dykstra. The captain was so distraught about the debts acquired on repairing the ship that on the way over from Portugal to America he committed suicide before the ship landed.

The family first went to Detroit, MI, then to Zeeland MI, as they had been helped to come over by Martin's grandmother's relatives, the Vande Luysters. Later Martin's grandparents moved to Orange City, IA in 1876. Martin's parents stayed in MI where Martin grew up and married in 1911. After marriage Martin and Ida (De Lange) Wierda moved to Rock Rapids, IA where he was a painter and later to Rock Valley, IA where he was a farmer. Martin Wierda settled in Sioux Center in 1922.

Martin Wierda was born March 10, 1891 at Zeeland, MI to Leuwe Wierda and Hemke (De Groot) Wierda. He was joined in marriage to Ida De Lange who was the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Thomas De Lange. Martin and Ida Wierda were the parents of five children: Lewis, Delia, Henrietta, Thomas, and Martha.

Martin Wierda Family, 1951. Front Row L-R: Marvin Wierda, Martin Wierda, Rena (Mrs. Martin
Wierda) and Reynold Wierda. Second Row L-R: Delia (Mrs. Henry Franken), Martha (Mrs. John
G. A. Van Roekel), Jane Eva (Mrs. Peter Duits), Myrtle (Mrs. Clarence Kiel) and Henrietta (Mrs.
Wm. Parsonson). Back Row L-R: George Bakker, Thomas Wierda, Bernard Wierda, and Lewis

Martin Wierda married Mrs. Rena (Faber) Bakker in February 26, 1924. Rena had a son George Bakker who joined the family. Martin and Rena Wierda had five children who were Reynold, Marvin, Jane Eva, Bernard, and Myrtle. The Wierda family thus increased to eleven children.

Martin Wierda was a well known interior and exterior painter. A memorable experience was the sharing of a buggy and team of mules as part of his payment when he helped out at the Vande Berg Horseshoe Garage during the slack painting season.

Martin and Rena Wierda resided the major part of their Sioux Center life at 452 3rd Ave. N. E. The Wierda family consisted of the following children:

Lewis Wierda was born at Zeeland, MI. He married Lucille Franken. Their children are Martin and Marilyn Wierda (twins), Lewis Jr., Thelma (Mrs. Bob Brunk) and Clifton Wierda.

George Bakker married Ione Ernsterhof and their children are Phyllis (Mrs. Brent Busch) and Joane (Mrs. Keith McPeek).

Delia Wierda married Henry A. Franken and their ehildren are Mary (Mrs. Jeff Swartout), Lois (Mrs. Brian Madland) and Ruth (Mrs. Jim Dillon).

Henrietta Wierda married Wm. Parsonson and their children are Robert Parsonson, Linda and Kenneth Parsonson (twins).

Thomas Wierda married Lucille Kleinhesselink and their children are Judith Wierda and Jerry Wierda who married Kathryn Swaboda.

Martha Wierda married John G.A. Van Roekel and their children are Larry Van Roekel who married Carolyn De Boer, Janet Van Roekel who married Jeff Harcum, Virginia Van Roekel who married Stan Oordt and Michael Van Roekel who married Judy Boersma. (See the separate story of John G.A. and Martha Van Roekel.)

Reynold Wierda married Margaret Hughes and their children are Daniel Wierda who married Leila Broek, Valerie who married Mitch Conelly, Bradley Wierda who married Nancy Schulz and Renae Wierda who married Michael Macy.

Marvin Wierda married Lorraine Jensen and their children are Lorna, Gail, Beth and Carol Wierda.

Jane Eva Wierda married Peter Duits and their children are Randall Duits, Brian Duits who married Clarice Guy, and Janna Buits who married Walt Ross.

Bernard Wierda married Freida Meade.

Myrtle Wierda married Clarence Kiel and their children are David Kiel married to Verna Noteboom, Laura Kiel married to Herb Tarbous, Ron Kiel married te Sylvia De Zeeuw, and Scott Kiel married to Nan Grady.

by Mrs. Martha Van Roekel

IA Gravestone Photo Project:
Sherman Township Cemetery Sioux County, IA
Cemtery is located 1/5 miles east of Maurice.
Grave is located in the 1st N-S row east of the East entrance road.
IA Gravestone Photo Project:
West Lawn Cemetery Sioux County, IA
West Lawn Cemetery, Orange City Section N., west side going east, Row 7

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