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Elizabeth Boeyink

Dochter van Gerrit Hendrik (Henry G) Boeijink en Johanna Wesselina Kastein, geboren 4-10-1876 USA WI Alto, overleden 28-2-1943 USA IA Hull en begraven Hope Cemetery

Trouwt 13-12-1906 William Kleene, zoon van Jan Kleene en Arendje Huisman, geboren 1-8-1874 Diever Oldendiever [33], overleden 18-9-1946 USA IA Hull en begraven Hope Cemetery


  1. John Kleene, geboren 16-9-1908 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 25-7-1958 USA IA Sioux County en begraven Sioux Center Memory Gardens
    Trouwt 18-2-1932 USA SD Canton Jacoba (Coba) Jans, dochter van Jacob Jans en Anna Vander Vliet, geboren 11-2-1912 USA IA Hull, overleden 13-3-1989 USA IA Orange City en begraven Sioux Center Memory Gardens
  2. Johanna Wesselina Kleene, geboren 20-2-1909 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 30-5-1995 USA IA Rock Valley en begraven Hull Hope Cemetery
    Trouwt 30-12-1930 USA IA Hull Clarence De Vos, zoon van Cornelis De Vos en Neeltje Van Bochove, geboren 12-2-1907 NL Goudzwaard, overleden 29-8-1983 USA IA Rock Valley en begraven Hull Hope Cemetery
  3. Ida Kleene, geboren 17-9-1910 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden USA IA Sanborn en begraven 24-2-2006 Melvin Baker Township Cemetery
    Trouwt 2-3-1932 Arie Vierhout, zoon van Cornelius Vierhout en Elbertje Beekman, geboren 22-10-1909 USA IA Hull, overleden 15-9-1991 USA IA Melvin en begraven Baker Township Cemetery
  4. Gerrit Henry (Hank) Kleene, geboren 16-8-1912 USA IA Perkins, overleden 4-12-1972
    Trouwt 11-8-1950 Edna Alvina Ludwigs, dochter van William Henry Ludwigs en Clara Louise Brabander, geboren 27-2-1916 USA IA Chatsworth, overleden 7-1-1986 USA IA Sioux City en begraven Hull Hope Cemetery
  5. Wilbert Kleene, geboren 22-4-1915 USA IA Perkins, overleden 26-11-1974 en begraven USA IA Carmel Reformed Church Cemetery
    Trouwt 4-3-1942 USA IA Sioux Center Wilmina Schoep, geboren 1922, overleden 2001 en begraven USA IA Carmel Reformed Church Cemetery
  6. Anna Elizabeth Kleene, geboren 6-1-1917, overleden 7-10-1987
    Trouwt 12-9-1944 USA IA Edna Arthur Johnson, overleden 7-10-1987
  7. Clarina (Clara) Kleene, geboren 8-4-1919 USA IA Perkins, overleden 8-12-1999 en begraven USA IA George Hope Reformed Church Cemetery
    Trouwt 22-11-1947 Elmer Rosenboom, geboren 8-3-1923, overleden 13-4-2002 en begraven USA IA George Hope Reformed Church Cemetery


HSC397 - Family History F313:


Elizabeth (Boeyink) Kleene was born October 4, 1877 in Alto, Wisconsin. She moved to Sioux Center with her parents as a child. She was one of seven children born to Henry and Johanna (Kastein) Boeyink. They settled on a farm near Sioux Center. See the separate story on her parents. Elizabeth married Willem on December 13, 1906.

Willem Kleene was born August 1, 1874 in Gelderland, Netherlands. His parents were John and Aartje Kleene. Willem came to America alone as a young man. He worked for Bert Bartels by Carmel, Iowa as a young hired man.

Willem and Elizabeth farmed near Sioux Center on the Wandscheer farm after their marriage. Later they moved to a farm near Perkins, Iowa, and finally north of Hull, Iowa. Elizabeth died February 28, 1943 and Willem died September 18, 1946. They were the parents of seven children as follows.

John Kleene was born September 16, 1908 at Sioux Center. He married Jacoba Jans on February 18, 1932. They farmed several years north of Perkins, then they moved to Sioux Center where John worked at Kosters Manufacturing. John died July 25, 1958 and "Coba" died March 13, 1989. They were the parents of eight children: Betty (Mrs. John Urban), Jacoba (Mrs. Ralph Smith) of Sioux Center, William, Leory, Adriana (Mrs. Wayne Marra), Arlene (Mrs. Howard Smit), Gerald, and Robert.

William Kleene Family: Front row: Clara, Johanna, Wilbert, Anna, and Ida. Back row: Henry,
Willem, Elizabeth, and John

Johanna Wesselina Kleene was born February 20, 1909 at Sioux Center. She married Clarence De Vos on December 30, 1930. They farmed most of their married life. They retired in Hull, Iowa. Clarence died August 29, 1983. They have five children; Cornie De Vos of Janison, Michigan, Elizabeth "Betty" (Mrs. Ted Brunsting) of Hull, Nelvina (Mrs. Joe Junior Bomgaars) of Hull, Wilmina (Mrs. Andy Oostra) of Rock Valley and Clarice Joan (Mrs. John Kooima) of Hull.

Ida Kleene was born September 17, 1910 by Sioux Center. She married Arie Vierhout on March 2, 1932. They first lived in Hull where Arie was a hired man. Then they farmed by Boyden, Sanborn, and Melvin, Iowa. They retired in Melvin. They have four children; Cornie Vierhout, Evelyn (Mrs. John Gordon Post), William, and Irene (Mrs. Donald J. Groen).

Gerrit Henry Kleene, "Hank", was born August 16, 1912 by Perkins, Iowa. He was a truck driver for many years. He married Edna Alvina Ludwig Lade on August 11, 1950. She had three children by a previous marriage. They lived in LeMars, Iowa. Hank died December 4, 1972, and Edna died January 7, 1986. The step children were Carol (Mrs. Robert Russell), Albert Lade and Robert Lade.

Wilbert Kleene was born April 22, 1915 by Perkins. He married Wilmina Schoep on March 4, 1942 at Sioux Center. Wilbert was in the service. He did day work and worked at the Sioux Center Coop. Wilbert died November 26, 1974 of injuries received in a truck accident. They had two children and a foster daughter. Elaine (Mrs. Vernon Hofkamp), Gerrit died as an infant, and Marlene Bird (Mrs. Walter Baxter) who lived with the Kleenes.

Anna Elizabeth Kleene was born January 6, 1917. She married Arthur Johnson on September 12, 1944 in Edna, Iowa. Arthur was in the service. They lived in Edna, Iowa and George, Iowa. They were both killed in an auto accident that happened on October 7, 1987. Their children were: Arthur, Judith (Mrs. Larry Griesse), James, Allen, Bonnie (Mrs. Lonnie Kruger) and Norma (Mrs. David Winkel).

Klarina "Clara" Kleene was born April 8, 1919 by Perkins, Iowa. She married Elmer Rosenboom on November 22, 1947 at the Little Brown Church. They live in Edna, Iowa. Elmer is a mechanic and works at Sudenga's in George. They had two sons; Randy and Ronald Rosenboom.

by Johanna Kleene (Mrs. Clarence De Vos)

Iowa Gravestone Photo Project:
Hope Cemetery Sioux County, Iowa
Hope Cemetery Hull Iowa. One of the center areas just north of the monument, row 17 from the east side of this area. William 1874-1946 1876-1943
Iowa Gravestone Photo Project:
Hope Cemetery Sioux County, Iowa
Hope Cemetery Hull, Center sectin that is north of the monument, row 18 from the east side of section. Johanna 1909-1995
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