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Gesiena (Cynthia) Boeyink

Dochter van Gerrit Hendrik (Henry G) Boeijink en Johanna Wesselina Kastein, geboren 3-7-1869 Winterswijk [86], overleden 14-9-1935 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Maurice Sherman Township Cemetery

Trouwt 25-2-1892 Henry (Hendrik) Van Peursem, zoon van George D Van Peursem en Mina Kars, geboren 1-5-1870 USA IA Pella, overleden 14-8-1951 USA IA Maurice en begraven Maurice Sherman Township Cemetery


  1. Johanna Wesselina (Anna) Van Peursem, geboren 10-12-1892 USA IA Maurice, overleden 20-12-1955 USA WA Bellinham en begraven Lynden Monumenta Cemetery
    Trouwt 1914 Arthur Meenk, zoon van Jacob Meenk en Mary Duven, geboren 26-11-1888 USA WI Waupun, overleden 16-7-1954 USA CA Orange County en begraven Glendale Forest Lawn Cemetery
  2. Wilhelmina Marie (Minnie) Van Peursem, geboren 29-1-1894 USA IA Maurice, overleden 29-8-1981 USA MN Slayton en begraven USA IA Maurice Sherman Township Cemetery
    Trouwt 1917 John G Hoekstra, zoon van Gerrit Hoekstra en Alice Heemstra, geboren 27-11-1885 USA IA America Township, overleden 2-10-1956 USA MN Olmsted en begraven USA IA Maurice Sherman Township Cemetery
  3. George Andrew Van Peursem, geboren 1-4-1895, overleden 7-12-1983
  4. Henrietta Gertrude Van Peursem, geboren 10-3-1898 USA IA Maurice, overleden 27-11-1977 USA IA Maurice en begraven Sherman Township Cemetery
    Trouwt 7-1-1920 Albert De Jager, zoon van Peter De Jager en Nellie Swart, geboren 16-5-1895 USA IA Maurice, overleden 19-7-1988 USA IA Orange City en begraven Maurice Sherman Township Cemetery
  5. John Henry Van Peursem, geboren 13-7-1899 USA IA Maurice, overleden 29-4-1972 USA IA Maurice en begraven Sherman Township Cemetery
    Trouwt 10-5-1920 Nellie Brink, dochter van Henry G Brink en Jessie Jonker, geboren 14-11-1900 USA IA Maurice, overleden 28-3-1975 USA IA Maurice en begraven Sherman Township Cemetery
  6. Alfred Dick Van Peursem, geboren 26-9-1903 USA IA Maurice, overleden 15-8-1962 USA IA Maurice en begraven Sherman Township Cemetery
    Trouwt 10-1-1926 Ester Marie Popma, dochter van Frans Popma en Maaike Hiemstra, geboren 10-4-1905 USA IA Ireton, overleden 17-12-1927 USA IA LeMars en begraven Maurice Sherman Township Cemetery
    Trouwt 27-8-1930 USA SD Canton Geraldine Peelen, dochter van John Peelen en Wilhelmina Brink, geboren 29-4-1914 USA IA Maurice, overleden 15-5-1997 USA IA Sheldon en begraven Maurice Sherman Township Cemetery
  7. Dr Ralph Lawrence Van Peursem, geboren 27-11-1907 USA IA Maurice, overleden 30-4-1973 USA NY Rochester en begraven Mount Hope Cemetery
    Trouwt 7-6-1927 Gertrude Dykstra, dochter van John J Dykstra en Annie Newenhof, geboren 5-3-1907 USA IA Hull, overleden 30-10-1963 USA NY Rochester en begraven USA IA Hull Hope Cemetery
    Trouwt Helen W Webb, geboren 21-2-1917 USA NY Rochester, overleden 12-10-1995 USA NY Rochester en begraven Mount Hope Cemetery
  8. Delbert Luverne Van Peursem, geboren 30-7-1911 USA IA Maurice, overleden 24-5-1982 en begraven USA MO Affton Resurrection Cemetery
    Trouwt Bernice Hallahan, geboren 8-5-1908 USA, overleden 3-4-1984 USA MO St Louis County en begraven Affton Resurrection Cemetery


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Cynthia Boeyink was born at Gelderland, Netherlands on July 3, 1869 at the age two she accompanied her parents, Henry and Johanna (Kastein) Boeyink to Alto, Wisc. where they made their home for 12 years. Then they moved to Sioux Center where she made her home for 11 years, the later four of that time having been spent housekeeping at the Rev. Boer home in Maurice. Rev. Boer was pastor of the Maurice First Ref. Church at that time.

Before coming to Maurice she had been a Sunday School teacher in Sioux Center and she continued her service when she came to Maurice. She was an active member of the Ladies Aid for 30 years and will be remembered for her willingness to assist the unfortunate, as exemplified by her knitting army sweaters for the motherless soldier boys during the World War.

Cynthia Boeyink married Henry Van Peursem February 25, 1892 at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. George Van Peursem. Rev. P. Wayenburg performed the ceremony.

Cynthia (Boeyink) and Henry Van Peursem family: Back row: Minnie 1894-1981; George
1895-1983; Anna 1892-1955 Middle row: John 1899-1972; Alfred 1903-1962; Henrietta
1898-1977 Front row: Henry 1870-1951; Cynthia (Boeyink) 1869-1935 Children in front:
Ralph 1907-1973; Delbert 1911-1982

Henry Van Peursem was the son of George and Mina (Kars) Van Peursem. He was born May 1, 1870, 5 miles west of Pella in a log house. He and his family came to Sioux County in 1872. They boarded a train in Pella and arrived in Le Mars. This is where his father assembled a wagon, loaded all their belongings and started their journey to a farm place 3 miles east of Maurice.

The first years of their marriage they lived on a farm 3 miles north of Maurice then later they purchased the farm 1 mile west and 1 mile south of Maurice. After many years of farming they built a house in town at 411 Main St. and retired at this home. To this union eight children were born.

Johanna Wessalina (Anna) Dec. 10, 1892 - Dec. 20, 1955; Wilhilmina Marie (Minnie) Jan. 29, 1894 - Aug. 29, 1981; George Andrew April 1, 1895 - Dec. 7, 1983; Henrietta Gertrude March 10, 1898 - Nov. 27, 1977; Henry John (John) July 13, 1899 - April 29, 1972; Alfred Dick Sept. 26, 1903 - Aug. 15, 1962; Ralph Lawrence Nov. 27, 1907 - April 30, 1973; Delbert Luverne July 30, 1911- May 24, 1982.

Cynthia died Saturday Sept. 14, 1935 from a heart attack she had on the previous Monday. Funeral services were held at the First Ref. Church at Maurice with Rev. R. Duiker and Rev. John Straks officiating. She was laid to rest at the Sherman Township cemetery. Henry continued to live for a few years at 411 Main but later moved to an upstairs apartment at the Peter Van Peursem home. Later when Peter Van Peursem sold his home to Bill Korver, Henry continued living upstairs. About 1949 he moved into an apartment by John Vander Weide's in the former hotel building.He lived here until his death Aug. 14, 1951.

by Mrs. Peter De Koter

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The first photo was taken in the Sheldon Park in the year 1947. It shows Henry Van Peursem, his eight children, their spouses and his grandchildren. Not all of the family members were present.
The second picture was taken in 1947 Sheldon Park and shows Henry Van Peursem and his 8 children. Back row: Delbert, John, Alfred, Ralph. Front row Henrietta, Johanna, Henry, Wilhelmina ande George.
The third photo is a wedding picture of Henry and Cynthia.
The fourth photo shows 4 generations, left Johanna Kastein, right daughter Cynthia Boeijink, middle daughter Johanna van Peursem holding daughter Lois Meenk.
Fifth an sixth are photos of the gravestones of Cynthia and Henry.
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The first photo was taken in the Sheldon Park
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This article appeared in the paper August 23, 1962 about the train accident that took the life of Alfred Dick Van Peursem.
The fatal moment of decision for Alfred Van Peursem came at 4:45 pm last Wednesday at a rail crossing near Maurice. As the train roared down upon his tractor he had a choice, he might jump and save himself or he might be able to save his 11 year old daughter, Leann, by throwing her as far as he could before the crash.

"Daddy pushed me off," the little girl told Ferdinand Schiebout, a neighbor who was first on the scene after the accident. Leann was bruised but able to attend her father's funeral Saturday at the Van Peursem farm home. Present also and unharmed were three of his grandsons who were riding in a trailer behind the tractor. Two of the boys are sons of Mr. and Mrs. John De Jong, the third a son of Peter De Koter, all of Maurice.

Schiebout reconstructed the accident as follows:the first of four diesel engines hit the front end of the tractor which was protruding about two feet past one rail. There were indications that Van Peursem was trying to back away from the track after he saw the train approaching. Mr. Van Peursem and Leann had driven to the Maurice elevator with a load of corn. Mrs. Van Peursem came to town in the car with her grandsons who wanted to ride back to the farm in the empty wagon. Heading back to the farm a mile west and a quarter south of Maurice, the crash occurred on the Great Northern tracks.

The front section was thrown about 20 feet north and the rear carrying Mr. Van Perusem landed over in front of the engine. The Maurice man's body was found 45 feet north of the intersection. The farm wagon with the three boys remained on the road.

Funeral services for Alfred Dick Van Peursem were held at 1 pm Saturday at the farm home and at 1:30 pm at the Maurice Reformed Church. Rev. J. Bergen officiated. Burial was in the Maurice Cemetery under the direction of the Sioux Center Cooperative Funeral Service.

Born September 26, 1903 at Maurice, Mr. Van Peursem was a lifelong resident of that community. His marriage to Geraldine Peelen took place August 27, 1930 at Canton, South Dakota.

Surviving are the widow; two sons, Marion of Maurice and Dean of Spencer; three daughters, Mrs. John De Jong and Mrs. Peter De Koter, both of Maurice, and Leann at home; seven grandchildren; four brothers, George of Los Angeles, John of Maurice, Ralph of Rochester, New York, and Delbert in Missouri and two sisters, Mrs. John Hoekstra of Slayton, Minnesota, and Mrs. De Jager of Maurice.

He was preceded in death by a son, Lloyd Dean.

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Obituaries of Cynthia and Henry

Mrs. Henry Van Peursem at the age of 66 yrs. 2 mo and 11 days succumbed at her home Sat. Sept 14 as a result of a heart attack Monday when she became seriously ill. The children were called and all arrived in time for the funeral which took place Tues. 1 o'clock at the house and 2 o'clock at the First Ref. Church. Rev. Straks and Rev. Duiker officiating. After the services, where 2 of her favorite hymns were sung, the remains were buried in the Maurice cemetery. Pall bearers included Ben Den Ouden, Abe Levering, J.M. Mieras, Ralph Mieras, Geo. De Groot and Albert Popma, all members of the Am. Ref. Church.

Born Cynthia Boeyink at Gelderland in the Netherlands, on July 2, 1869, she at the age of two accompanied her parents to Alto, Wis. where they lived 12 years. Their next move was to Sioux Center where she made her home 11 years. During part of this time she taught Sunday school there and continued doing so when she came to Maurice where she was employed for 4 years at the home of Rev. Boer, then pastor of the First Ref. Church.

On Feb. 25, 1892 she wedded Henry Van Peursem at the home of the grooms parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Van Peursem to which union 3 daughters and 5 sons where born. They made their home in Maurice where she had been a resident the past 43 years. Mrs Van Peursem was a strong and faithful worker of the Ladies Aid for 30 years, and her attendance at services of the Am. Ref. church, of which she was a member was marked. On the Sunday preceding her sudden illness she had attended both morning and evening services. She was among the kind hearted souls who, during the world war, knitted army sweaters for the soldier boys who were motherless and in other ways was over ready to assist the unfortunate. At large social gatherings she was often called upon to make the delicious coffee she could so ably prepare.

Her many friends join the surviving relatives, including the widower, 3 daughters: Anne, Mrs. Arthur Meenk of Everett, Wash., Minnie, Mrs. John G. Hoekstra of Maurice, and Henrietta, Mrs. Albert De Jager of Maurice: and 5 sons George of Orange City, John of Merrill, Alfred of Alton, Ralph of Sheldon and Delbert of Rock Island, Ill, 2 sisters, Mrs. G. Kleene of Hull and Mrs. H.K. Eggink, Sioux Center and 3 brothers: Gerrit, John and Ralph Boeyink all of Sioux Center and 16 grand children in mourning her departure.

Two brothers and three grandchildren preceded her in death.

Sioux Center News 1935-09-19.

Henry Van Peursem, 81 of Maurice died in his sleep at about 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. He had not been feeling well Sunday and was asked by his son John to go home with him but he said he would be all right. He had told Mrs. Art De Koter who also has an apartment in the Maurice hotel that if sometimes she didn't hear his radio at 8 a.m. she should investigate. Tuesday morning she did not hear his radio so she knocked at his door. Receiving no answer she summoned John Vander Weide who owns the place. He investigated and found Mr. Van Peursem lying in bed with hands folded. He had been dead just a short while.

Funeral services will be held Friday, August 17 at 1 p.m. in the John H. Van Peursem home at Maurice and at 1:30 in the First Reformed Church at Maurice. The Sioux Center Co-op burial Ass'n is in charge of arrangements.

Survivors include eight children, Mrs. Anna Meenk of Lynden, Wash., who is here, Minnie, Mrs. John Hoekstra of Slayton, Minn.; George of Los Angeles, Calif.; John H. and Henrietta. Mrs. Al De Jager and Alfred all of Maurice, Ralph of Rochester, N.Y. and Delbert of St. Louis, MO. Also the following brothers and sister: Mrs. Will De Jong of Hunhtington Park, Calif., Peter of Altadena, John of Zeeland, Mich.; Martin of Orange City and Gerrit of North Branch, N.J.

Sioux County Capital - 16 August 1951

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