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Willemina Roseboom

Dienstbode, dochter van Willem Roseboom - arbeider en Elizabeth Rozeboom, geboren 30-4-1881 17:00 NL Ede [150], overleden 15-3-1975 en begraven USA MI Muskegon Heights Mona View Cemetery

Trouwt 15-2-1902 NL Ede [14] Dirk Cornelis (Derk C) Van Zanten, landbouwer, zoon van Berend van Zanten - landbouwer en Elizabeth Dekker, geboren 10-4-1879 20:00 NL Gelders Veenendaal [121], overleden 26-5-1944 en begraven bij zijn vrouw


  1. Elizabeth (Betty) Van Zanten, geboren 20-8-1902 20:00 NL Ede [415]
    Trouwt 25-6-1923 US IA Rock Valley Symon Van Kekerix
    Trouwt 11-6-1952 US MI Muskegon Edward Fisher
  2. Willem (William, Bill) Van Zanten, geboren 2-6-1904 20:00 Ede [263], overleden 26-11-1989 en begraven US MI Moorland Cemetery
    Trouwt 3-6-1930 US MI Muskegon Hilda Hartzel, geboren 9-6-1912, overleden 10-12-2005 en begraven bij haar man
  3. Berendina (Berdean) Van Zanten, geboren 23-4-1906 Gelders Veenendaal [1878]
    Trouwt, gescheiden van Samuel A U Stone, geboren 1905, overleden 1972 USA MI Grand Haven Lakeshore Cemetery
    Trouwt Merywin Wright
  4. Elize Van Zanten, geboren 1-7-1909 Gelders Veenendaal [341], overleden 4-2-1981 US MI Oceana County en begraven 7-2 Hart Cemetery
    Trouwt 25-7-1925 US MI Muskegon Albert J Brimmer, geboren 1905, overleden 1991 en begraven bij zijn vrouw
  5. Bernhard (Ben) Van Zanten, geboren 1-6-1911 US IA Sully, overleden 29-7-1980 US MI Muskegon en begraven Fremont Maple Grove Cemetery
    Trouwt 9-6-1934 US MI Muskegon Violet Mierman, geboren 1916, overleden 1992 en begraven bij haar man
  6. Petronella Hendrika Johanna (Nellie) Van Zanten, geboren 21-4-1913 US IA Reasoner
    Trouwt 24-3-1937 US MI Muskegon Ralph Hinman
  7. Minnie Van Zanten, geboren 30-1-1915
    Trouwt 18-12-1948 US California Baja Ralph Hinman
  8. Geertruida Jenneke (Gertrude J) Van Zanten, geboren 7-6-1917, overleden 2003 en begraven USA MI Muskegon Sunrise Memorial Gardens
    Trouwt 27-2-1937 US MI Muskegon, gescheiden van Leonard Shepherd
    Trouwt 15-3-1968 US MI Muskegon Fred Harjer, geboren 1912, overleden 2011 en begraven bij zijn vrouw
  9. Katherine (Katie) Van Zanten, geboren 26-9-1919 US IA Rock Rapids
    Trouwt 10-6-1939 US MI Muskegon Edward Williams
  10. Morris William (Morry) Van Zanten, politieagent, fabrieksarbeider, geboren 9-11-1921 US MI Muskegon, overleden 11-2-2016 USA MI Muskegon en begraven East Hesperia Cemetery
    Trouwt 22-1-1949 US MI Muskegon Edna Rose Adams, dochter van George Loui Adams en Mildred Lurene King, geboren 2-4-1930 USA IN Vincennes, overleden 10-6-1980 USA MI Muskegon en begraven bij haar man
    Trouwt 27-11-1981 US MI Spring Lake Monica Theresa Lathrop, dochter van Philip Edward Lathrop en NN, weduwe van Russell L Ortquist, geboren 2-8-1928 USA MI Muskegon, overleden 8-7-2021 en begraven USA MI Norton Shores Norton Cemetery
  11. Dirk Cornelius (Dick) Van Zanten, automonteur, motormonteur, geboren 16-1-1926 US MI Muskegon, overleden 1-3-2006
    Trouwt 25-4-1942 US MI Muskegon Ann Rachael Vaugn, geboren 19-10-1923 USA MI Muskegon Heights, overleden 19-10-1923 USA MI Muskegon en begraven Sunrise Memorial Garden


Ede gereconstrueerd bevolkingsregister:
PE43 VI.42:

Willemina and Dirk moved to America in 1911 and lived in IA until coming to Muskegon in 1922. Gram Willemina was active right up to the end. She moved her own little lawn with a push lawnmower. Did her own wash etc. with a wringer oldtime washer. Went visiting a lot. She enjoyed raising canary birds. She did very well for no schooling, in writing and speaking English. She became a citizen of the United States of America May 20, 1942 in Muskegon County-Muskegon MI. The "Grand Haven Tribune" wrote Saturday, September 21, 1974: "Ninety-Three-Year Old. Willemina van Zanten of Muskegon tried out for size the motorcycle of her son, Ben van Zanten of Fremont. She is the mother of Mrs. Berdean Stone, 19091 Palm, Spring Lake". Dit stond als onderschrift bij een foto, waarop Willemina op de motorfiets van haar zoon reed. Dirk Cornelus van Zanten en Willemina Roseboom with 4 children, Bertha, Willem, Berdean, Eliza an 5 months pregnant of Bernard sailed on the ship "Noordam" from Rotterdam, arriving at Ellis Island, NY Febr. 29, 1911. They settled in Sully, IA USA.

Willem (William) -Uncle Bill- always farmed after which he retired and moved out to the city of Muskegon. Mr. William Van Zanten, age 85, died Sunday morning, Nov. 26, 1989 at Mercy Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Hilda; his children, Patricia Beak of Grant, William and Terry Van Zanten of Newaygo; 5 grandchildren; his brothers, Dirk and Ann Van Zanten, Morris and Monica Van Zanten, all of Muskegon; his sisters, Elisabeth Fisher, Berdean Wright, Nellie Bultema, Gertrude and Fred Harjer; Kay Williams, all of Muskegon; Minnie Hinman of Arizona, His oldest Joan Diana, never married, died in 1976 at home at age 43 with cancer of female organs, precede him in death.

Berdean had sort of a hard life, tho had the most children (9). Their husband Samuel A. U. Stone was not very ambitious. He was born a 'Weeks' but can't find his real parents. People by the name Stone raised him so they always called him Stone w/o no adoption papers. Berdean divorced Samual Stone. He later died from cancer. She met Merywin Wright and got married and he too died of heart attack. Berdean is always jolly and full of laughs. (Dit schreef Eleanor).

Eliza arriveerde in de USA in 1911, vestigde zich met haar ouders in IA. Later verhuisde het gezin naar Muskegon, waarna zij in 1942 in Oceana County gingen wonen. Het echtpaar kreeg 6 kinderen.

Dirk kreeg 3 dochters? Zijn nicht Eleanor schreef: "Uncle Dick was in World War II. After he got home he stopped alog side of the road to help a stalled car. Someone came up road and pinned him between 2 cars. He lost his leg and has a wooden leg. Aunt Ann is VERY religious with her own pentacostal church in her own basement. Tho... she never pushes her religion to others. Uncle Dick had a drinking problem for years, but is fine now. He retired from Continental Motors (making engine parts). They have a beautiful home in Roosevelt Park in Muskegon. Nice happy people! He has sugar diabetes also."
De nicht Eleanor van Morris schreef ons op 3 augustus 1992 het volgende: "Uncle Morry is doing well after he had heart surgery 4-5 years ago. He found aunt Rose dead in her bed at age 50 as heart trouble. He married Monica. Who Gramp van Zanten helped do chores for x where he fell and broke hip. Monica lost her husband, then found Morris by car incident and they got married. Uncle Morry worked for Howmet Corporation. Left to policeman and such a dangerous job. Quit and returned to the factory where he retired in 1988."

Email Rob Veldhuyzen van Zanten 4-5-2011:
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Obituary of Morris
Grand Haven (formerly of Muskegon) Mr. Morris W. "Morry" VanZanten, 90, passed away Thursday evening, February 11, 2016 in Muskegon.

He was born January 16, 1926 to Derk C. and Willemina (Roseboom) VanZanten in Muskegon, and was a lifelong resident. Morry worked at Howmet for 31 years before retiring in 1988. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and traveling with his best friend Bill Walsma, who was like a son to him. Morry was a WWII U.S. Army veteran, was a recipient of the Purple Heart, belonged to the American Legion, and the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 11.

On November 27, 1981 he married Monica (Lathrop) Ortquist, and she survives him along with children, Janet Prow, Morris Wm. (Gail) VanZanten, Mark VanZanten, Daniel (Barbara) VanZanten, and Dean VanZanten; step-children, Donna Mulder, Donald (Dinah) Ortquist, Tina (Chuck) VanderShaaf, Mary (Kurt) Nienhouse, Judith (Bruce) Johnson, and Carol Ortquist; many grand and great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his first wife, Rose; a step-son, James Ortquist; 3 brothers and 7 sisters.

Services will be 2:00 PM Wednesday, February 17, at The Lee Chapel, 6291 S. Harvey Street with Rev. Samuel Stone officiating. Visitation will be from 5-7 PM on Tuesday. Burial will take place at E. Hesperia Cemetery. Contributions in memory of Mr. VanZanten may be made to Davita Dialysis Centers.

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