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Hendrick John (Henry) Van Roekel Sr

Zoon van Jan van Roekel en Willemina van Deelen, geboren 21-2-1918 USA MI Athens (just outside Battle Creek), overleden 10-3-1984 USA NC Durham Veterans Hospital en begraven Dudley Wayne Memorial Park

Trouwt 14-4-1940 Hazel Davis, dochter van Willard L Davis en Mary Vann, geboren 19-12-1922 USA NC Wayne Co, overleden 28-7-2015 USA NC Smithfield en begraven Dudley Wayne Memorial Park


  1. Hendrick John (Butch) Van Roekel Jr, geboren 28-3-1943 USA NC Goldsboro, overleden 18-3-1988
  2. Richard Phillip (Ricky) Van Roekel, geboren 18-11-1946 USA NC Goldsboro
  3. James Leroy (Jim) Van Roekel, geboren 15-1-1953 USA NC Goldsboro
  4. Teresa Ruth Van Roekel, geboren 4-2-1961 USA NC Goldsboro


JHHR Book, pagina 89:
The second living child of Jan and Willemina van Roekel, Hendrick John (Henry) was born 02-21-1918 in Athens, MI, just outside of Battle Creek. He married Hazel Davis on 04-14-1940. He died 03-10-1984 at the Veterans Hospital in Durham, NC.
Henry was a decorated veteran of World War II. He rose to the rank of sergeant in the Infantry, U.S. Army. He fought in the historic Battle of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge on the Rhine River. He returned from the war and began a career in construction, owning his own company, Van Roekel Constuction Company, from which he retired. Henry was a compassionate man blended with gentle firmness. William said the effects of the war truly changed Henry. I believe the sensitivity he inherited from his mom struggled with the brutality of war. Today, we would say that maybe he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He loved all of his family, close and extended. I truly enjoyed my visits there during the summers. He allowed the other boys and me the opportunity to help with his business by doing some landscaping at one of his construction sites. Henry is interred at Wayne Memorial Cemetery on US 117 South, just a few miles north of Dudley, N.C.
Hieronder een foto van Henry in uniform en een foto van Henry en Hazel:

Op de volgende foto staat het nageslacht van Henry en Hazel, zie pagina 91.
Rij 1 - Kinderen zittend op de grond: Raiford Turner; (kinderen van Latisha Godwin Wilkins) James Wilkins, Josh Wilkins, Tyler Wilkins.
Rij 2 - Volwassenen en kinderen zittend: Hazel van Roekel (echtgenote van Henry) holding Cooper van Roekel; Teresa van Roekel Godwin holding Allen Wilkins (Latisha’s child); Jean van Roekel holding Katlin van Roekel; Heather van Roekel Turner holding Leah Turner; Karen Ullrich.
Rij 3 - Staand: Jennifer van Roekel (echtgenote of Phillip); Phillip van Roekel; Brie Godwin; LaTisha Godwin Wilkins; Chris (vriend van de familie); Calvin Godwin (echtgenoor van Teresa); Mandy Godwin; Richard van Roekel, Ashley van Roekel Ullrich Small; Ryan Ullrich; Jimmy Small (echtgenoot van Ashley); Michael Ullrich; Elliott Turner (echtgenoot van Heather); Jimmy van Roekel; Jean van Roekel (echtgenote van Jimmy):

Henry sr was buried in Wayne Memorial Park in Wayne County, N.C.
Henry sr was a decorated veteran of World War II. He rose to position of Sargent in the Infantry, U.S. Army. He fought in the Battle of the Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge on the Rhine River. He returned from the war to the Goldsboro/Dudley area of NC to begin a career in construction and eventually owned his own company, Van Roekel Construction Company from which he retired.
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