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Rijk van Roekel

Bakker, zoon van Geurt van Roekel en Janna de Wit, geboren 2-10-1882 Doorn [43], overleden 11-7-1914

Trouwt 11-8-1909 Driebergen [16] Margaretha van Donselaar, dochter van Gijsbert van Donselaar en Jannigje van den Bosch, geboren 10-1-1882 Doorn [2]


  1. NN van Roekel, jong overleden zoon
  2. Jeanette Margaret van Roekel, geboren 14-12-1911, overleden 7-11-1998


Rijk woonde in de USA, passeerde Ellis Island 10-7-1906
Email Sandi Geurink 28-9-2014:
[...] Rijk was my great grandfather. He came to the US to work as a baker at a company in Holland, Michigan. He built a home here. My grandmother Jeannette was born in Holland. There was also a boy child who I have very limited information about. He died very young possibly even at birth. His headstone reads only our darling baby. Rijk died July 11, 1914 of Typhoid fever when my grandmother was only 3 years old. I know that she and her mother Margaret returned to the Netherlands for several months when she was about 9 or 10 [...]
Pictures of Rijk and Margaretha, the first two were taken on their wedding day, on the balcony pictures Rijks brother Tony is standing to the right:
Stamboom Volbeda

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