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Marion (Mike) Baker

Geboren 22-4-1924 USA IA Doon, zoon van Jake en Minnie Baker

Trouwt 1946 Wilma De Groot, dochter van Henry en Jennie De Groot, geboren 6-7-1925 USA MN Edgerton


  1. Harriet Baker, geboren 2-12-1947
  2. Dan Baker, overleden 1-5-1977 USA FL Ocalo
  3. Carl Baker
    Trouwt 15-10-1987 Mimi Wong
  4. Mary Baker
    Trouwt Rodney Music


HSC220 - Family History F22:

Mike Baker Family

All of the married years they were members of the First Christian Reformed


Mike (Marion) Baker was born on March 22, 1924 at Doon, IA, son of Jake and Minnie Baker. They were farmers and he was the second child. His parents moved often, therefore Mike went to a different school nearly every year. Finally in Alton working seemed much better than high school, so he became a farm hand. His parents moved to Sioux Center during these years, eventually Mike moved along and worked for Sam Holtrop and Mouw Motor. In 1943 he was drafted with the 18 year olds. He spent 33 months training and in Hawaii and the Marianna Islands. In February of 1946 he was discharged and on April 9, 1946 he was married to Wilma De Groot.

Wilma was born in Edgerton, Minnesota to Henry and Jennie De Groot on July 6, 1925. Half way through the first grade they moved to Sioux Center to a house on the land of the Children's Park. Later they moved into town. She went to the old christian school and the Sioux Center High school. Before she graduated Pete Rons employed her in his old town grocery store. In 1942 she began working at Schalekamp's Drug Store, married in 1946 and worked until l947.

Mike worked for Mouw Motor from 1946 until l949 when they moved to Orange City. In 1952 they moved to Sioux Center again to work for Niesink and Kempers for 13 years. He then started his own Mike's Service Garage behind Sioux Center Auto Parts. In 1979 he built his own building west of Sioux Center. Church.

Four children were born to this family, Harriet, Dan, Carl, Mary.

Harriet married Rodney Mouw and they have three children - Michael, Brant, Heidi. In 1977 the moved to Longville, Minn. to own and operate Holiday Haven Resort.

Dan worked for Mike but later decided to do long haul trucking for H&O Trucking. On May 1, 1977 he was killed in Ocalo Florida in a train-truck accident.

Carl worked at Peters store during his high school years and after graduating went to school in Des Moines. In 1969 he was drafted and decided on the air force. He spent 3 years in the Philippines. He then came back to Sioux Center to go to Dordt for one year, finishing his college at IA City. He rejoined the Air Force and has spent his time in Japan, Hawaii and Florida. He married Mimi Wong on October 15, 1987.

Mary married Rodney Music. They lived in Maurice, later in Hull. Rod worked at Kooima’s until August 1989 when they opened a Pizza Ranch in Luverne, Minn. They have three children - Wendy, Ryan and Stephanie.

By Mike Baker

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