Parenteel Derck Backer (van Roekel) - Inleiding Naamlijst Bronnen

John Herbert (Herb) Van Roekel (Hill)

Zoon van Otiena Hendrika Van Roekel en Thomas Elmer Hill, geboren 28-2-1947

Trouwt 17-10-1970 Judy Evelyn Taylor, geboren 4-7-1949


  1. Jennifer Deelen Van Roekel, geboren 31-1-1975
  2. Amanda Carole Van Roekel, geboren 30-9-1981


John was adopted by William and Elizabeth Howard van Roekel of Wilson North Carolina
In june 2008 John sent me a beautiful picture of a Van Roekel coat of arms.
JHHR Book page 88:
Een foto uit 1986 van John Herbert (Herb) van Roekel, Judy Taylor en hun dochters Jennifer Amanda, daarnaast een foto uit 1999 van Amanda:
JHHR Book page 10:
John Herbert van Roekel with wife, Judy Evelyn Taylor van Roekel and their daughters, Jennifer Deelen van Roekel Strickland and Amanda Carole van Roekel (seated). They live in Western North Carolina
JHHR Book 9-2009:
John Herbert van Roekel anounces his wonderful and nicely illustrated book of more than 160 pages. Below the transcription of the title page:

The van Roekel Family in America

The story of Jan Van Roekel and
Willemina van Deelen van Roekel

A Legacy of Life and Love


Copyright © 2009 by John Herbert van Roekel
ISBN-13: 978-0-9841680-0-2
ISBN-10: 0-9841680-0-1

John Herbert gave me permission to use any material from the book in this genealogy for which I am very grateful. Whenever material is used it will be with proper source reference.

The book gives a vivid and loving description of the grandparents of John Herbert, both born in Holland and after emigration to the USA building a new life there, working hard and surmounting many difficulties.

After dedication, acknowledgement and a short introduction in the first part the story of Jan and Willemina unfolds. How they live in Holland, meet each other, marry and emigrate to America and with many ups and downs make their living there. Of special interest is the vivid and detailed description of the North Carolina Colonies, modeled more or less after the Walden colony of Frederik van Eeden.

Herb then decribes how Jan and Willemina after leaving North Carolina build their lives in the new country followed bij chapters that focus on Jan van Roekel and Willemina van Deelen as a person. This part ends with a description of the trips to Holland undertaken bij Herb and family to gather more knowledge.

Then follow genealogy parts about the ancestors and descendants of Jan and Willemina. The book ends with a appendix covering various items like for instance the story of Jan de Bakker, the first Dutch martyr. The book contains many figures and photograps all neatly listed in the contents.

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