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John A (Johannes, Johnny) Franken

Zoon van Arthur E Franken en Hermina Rozeboom, geboren 5-4-1930 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 26-5-2015 USA IA Sioux Center en begraven Memory Gardens

Trouwt 10-2-1950 Darlene Faye Sandbulte, dochter van Joe Sandbulte en Johanna Ter Horst, geboren 16-8-1930 USA IA Sioux Center, overleden 25-4-2001 USA FL Fort Myers en begraven USA IA Sioux Center Memory Gardens

Trouwt 26-12-2003 USA IA Sioux Center Lorene Reid


  1. Marlowe Jay Franken, geboren 26-2-1951 USA Iowa Le Mars
    Trouwt 31-1-1981 USA Iowa Sioux Center Bonnie Victoria
  2. James Leslie (Jim) Franken, geboren 26-2-1951 USA Iowa Sioux Center, overleden 13-11-2001 USA IA Sibley en begraven USA IA Sioux Center Memory Gardens
  3. Janna Lynn Franken, geboren 4-10-1955 USA Iowa Sioux Center
  4. John Mark Franken, geboren 8-5-1961 USA Iowa Sioux Center
    Trouwt 17-8-1980 USA Iowa Spirit Lake Mary Ross
  5. Doreen Kaye Franken, geboren 29-8-1966 USA Iowa Sioux Center
    Trouwt 9-12-1988 USA Iowa Sioux Center Loren Jay Starkenburg


HSC342 - Family History F223:

John A. and Darlene Franken


Johannes "John A." Franken was born April 5, 1930. He is the son of the late Arthur E. Franken and Hermina (Rozeboom) Franken. The Arthur E. Franken story is given separately. He was born at his parents home, located one mile east and one and three-fourths mile north of Sioux Center. Dr. William Marris came to their home to aid in the delivery of this sixth child of the Frankens. He attended Welcome Township #8 country school, kindergarten through the eighth grade. He then attended Sioux Center High School for two years. He worked as a farm hand until 1949. He worked for the Mutual Telephone Company in Sioux Center, helped build the Dr. C.D. Oelrich Clinic, and worked for Joe's Ready Mix. He was a diesel operator at the Sioux Center light plant from 1950 to 1957. In 1953 he started selling television sets from his home located at 847 - 1st Ave. S.E. He took a home course in television repair. He also did power line work for the city, and started doing some electrical wiring.In 1957 he went into full time electrical work in his own business then known as Johnny's TV and Electric. His first big contract was wiring the new Central Reformed Church. This business grew and is now Interstates Electric and Engineering, Inc. (See separate story)

John married Darlene Faye Sandbulte on February 10, 1950. Darlene is the daughter of the late Joe and Johanna (Ter Horst) Sandbulte. She was born at home, one mile east of Sioux Center and was delivered by the late Dr. Wm. Doornink from Orange City. She moved with her parents to a farm located one and a half miles west of Sioux Center, then they moved three miles west and three-fourths mile south, where she started first grade at Center Township #1. In March of 1935 her family moved to a farm two and a half miles east of Sioux Center. She went to school at West Branch #1 through the eighth grade. At the time she graduated from the eighth grade, her mother Johanna, born July 30, 1906 near Orange City, was terminally ill with cancer of the bowel and liver. Darlene stayed home from high school to aid in her mother's care. Johanna passed away January 2, 1944. Her father then moved to an acreage just one-half mile south of Sioux Center. She worked as a telephone operator for the Mutual Telephone Company, was a clerk at Sam's Variety, and worked at Boeyink's Store. Darlene's father, Joe, born March 29, 1905 near Sioux Center, became ill with lung cancer in October of 1961 an died November 11, 1962.

John A. and Darlene (Sandbulte) Franken were married February 10, 1950 after a two year courtship. They had known each other for several years, as they went to the same church, the First Reformed Church, all their lives; They were married in that church by Rev. Peter A. De Jong. They moved into a house at 847 1st Ave. S.E. In 1955 they built a new home at 1062 N. Main Ave. where they also had the business in the basement of this home until 1967, when a new business building was built at 1520 Industrial Park. They built the condominiums, The El Dorado Villas, on 12th Ave. Circle N.E. in 1982. They moved into a unit 438 A in December of 1982.

John A. Franken was president of the Sioux Center Chamber of Commerce in 1966, is a past president of Vanguard of Sioux City, IA; is president of Interstates Electric and Engineering, Inc.; president of Jesco Wholesale Electric Supply in Sioux Center, Worthington, MN and Norfolk, NE. and is president of Quality leasing of Iowa. He serves as president of the Sioux Center Land Development and Tri State Broadcasting (KTSB). He serves on the Board of Directors of Northwestern College; is on the Board of Directors of the Sioux Center Community Hospital and serves on the advisory board of North Western Iowa Technical College in Sheldon, IA.

John and Darlene Franken have five children, three sons and two daughters.

Marlowe Jay was born in the Sacred Heart Hospital of Le Mars on February 26, 1951 and was delivered by Dr. C. D. Oelrich. He married Bonnie Victoria of Boyden, IA, on January 31, 1981 in the First Reformed Church of Sioux Center, by the Dr. Thurman Rynbrandt. They live at 527 S. Main. Both are employed by EMW Groschopp. Marlowe attended Kindergarten through the twelfth grade at Sioux Center Community Schools.

James Leslie was bom August 13, 1953 at the Sioux Center Community Hospital delivered by Dr. Wm. Doornink of Orange City. James attended kindergarten through twelfth grade at the Sioux Center Community Schools and graduated from Northwestern College of Orange City. He married Nancy Vanden Brink from Boyden, IA at the First Reformed Church in Sioux Center, July 20, 1974 by Rev. Paul Moon of Boyden and assisted by Rev. Jack Boerigter of Sioux Center. Jim is Vice President of Interstates Electric and Engineering Inc. and Nancy has the Learning Ship Preschool. They live at 664 11th Ave. N.E. They have two children; Jaymi Noelle born January 23,1979 and Gabriel James born April2, 1981.

Janna Lynn was born October 4, 1955 in Sioux Center, Dr. C.D. Oelrich delivered her. She attended Sioux Center Schools and Nettleton College of Sioux Falls and Lakeland Medical Dental Academy in Minneapolis, MN. She married Dr. Gregory Bruce Holmes of Brunsville, MN on November 29, 1975 in Sioux Center at First Reformed Church by Rev. Jack Roerigter. They have lived in San Diego and Palo Alto, CA, Guam while Greg was in the navy, Minneapolis, MN and now reside in Austin, Texas. Janna works in a preschool and Greg is Director of Phase I at Pharmaco doing drug research. They have two children, Jessica Dai born April 24, 1977 and Kayti Johanna born July 31, 1978.

John Mark was born May 8, 1961 in the Sioux Center Hospital and delivered by Dr. C. D. Oelrich. John attended Sioux Center Schools then went to work for Jesco, Inc. where he is now manager and vice president. John also serves on the Sioux Center City Council since 1987. He married Mary Ross of Spirit Lake, IA. on August 17, 1980 in the Spirit Lake United Methodist Church by the "Rev. John Omee of Sioux Center. Mary is a dental assistant to Dr. RG. Boeyink. They reside at 1062 N. Main.

Doreen Kaye was born August 29, 1966 in the Sioux Center Hospital, delivered by Dr. T. E. Kieman. Dory attended Sioux Center Schools and Northwestern College of Orange City. She worked at the Travel Connection in Orange City until her marriage to Loren Jay Starkenburg of Boyden, IA. They were married December 9, 1988 in Sioux Center First Reformed Church by Dr. Thurman Rynbrandt. They now live at 1300 Galeta Apt A, Norfolk, NE. Dory is a travel agent for Friendly Tour and Travel, and Loren is employed as city sales manager for Jesco of Norfolk.

by Darlene Franken

HSC183 - Business History B021:


Early in 1953 John A. Franken was working in the power plant for the City of Sioux Center. John had been intrigued by the new things he heard were coming in the television industry. Both Sioux City and Sioux Falls were planning their first tv stations. John had been going to night school semi-weekly in Sioux City attending classes explaining the sales, installation and also service tips in this newly developed electronic marvel. This new electronic age was soon here and this would occupy almost everyone's leisure hours.

Once John decided that he would get involved with this new medium, he enrolled in a correspondence course to better understand the electronic marvel. In April 1953 John decided to sell and install tv's on a part-time basis. Since John worked shifts and many were midnight hours at the city power plant, he had time to pursue his newly-chosen vocation during the day. As the tv sales and service grew, John eventually left the city's employment to go into full time tv sales and service under the name of Johnny's TV. At this time John also began some electrical wiring. The tv sales and display was done from a small front porch in John and Darlene's home and tv service and wiring was handled in the garage. The Franken's lived in what was known as the old town in those days. When electrical wiring and appliances were added, the name was changed to Johnny's TV and Electric. As the business grew, John, Darlene and family built a new home on the north end of Sioux Center on Highway 75. The office, showroom, and service department were in the basement of their home, an electrical wiring service department was in a building on the rear of their property.

In 1958 John had sold over 500 tv sets and many home appliances. Since tv and appliance service and electrical wiring were taking up too many hours of John's time, he then hired a tv service man. When the electrical wiring business blossomed and began to take over most of John's time, he decided to sell out the appliance and tv business and go full time into electrical contracting. The name was again changed and became Johnny's Electric.

This business grew from wiring as many as seven new homes per year and several commercial contracts including most of the areas new schools and churches. So what was once a showroom for tv and appliances now housed five offices for the contracting and newly-formed Engineering Department headed by Mr. Darrel Ramhorst who had worked for John for many years as an electrician while getting his degree. After college and a few years in the service of our country, Darrel returned to head this new department.

At the height of Johnny's Electric Company's growth in the year 1967, John decided that he would incorporate this fast-growing company and take four leading employees into the corporation. They were as follows: Mr. Darrel Ramhorst, electrical engineer; John E. De Zeeuw, office manager and accountant; James L. Franken - John's son, head of Estimating Department; and Larry Den Herder, projects field engineer. These persons, as well as JohnA. Franken, head this company to this date. The new corporate name was Interstates Electric & Engineering Co., Inc.

Interstates Electric and Engineering Co., Inc. of Sioux Center.

In 1970 the group decided they needed expanded quarters, and it was then John and Darlene Franken built the new corporate headquarters on the newly conceived Sioux Center Industrial Park. John was the president of that organization and felt it would be a good idea if his company would be the first to locate on this new Industrial Park. This was also the home for JESCO or Johnny's Electric Supply Company, a separate company expanded out of the contracting company the year IEEC was incorporated. This new building was soon expanded to include a new addition to the warehouse so both companies could use these facilities. As JESCO and IEEC grew, it was obvious that IEEC needed the entire facility, so John and Darlene built a new facility for JESCO just east of the IEEC property. Soon after the expansion of these businesses in this building, Interstates Electric decided to buy this building from the Franken family. In 1984 the building was again expanded to include new office space on both levels. It presently houses five departments - Electrical Contracting, Engineering, Electrical Control Division, Instrumentation Services and a High Voltage Department.

Interstates Electric and Engineering is presently licensed in more than thirty states in the United States. IEEC has been responsible for many projects throughout the United States and has completed two overseas' projects in Egypt. At the time the overseas work began, there was a new subsidiary company formed named IEEC International. James L. Franken was elected president of this company with the same directors as the parent Interstates Electric. Interstates Electric and Engineering Co., Inc. and its subsidiary have completed millions of dollars in contracts annually and have the capabilities of having a dozen large projects in operation at one given time.

This company which was a one man operation in 1953 has enjoyed a great deal of growth, and it would not have been possible without four devoted employees, now partners, and many company-oriented personnel serving us throughout this nation and overseas. At Interstate we do indeed have a commitment. Weare committed to the pursuit of excellence in every phase of our business. The goals we set for ourselves are presented in the goods and services we provide our customers. The company's motto is, "The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer."

by John A. Franken

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Obituaries of Darlene and John

Darlene Franken, 70, of Sioux Center died Wednesday, April 25, 2001, at Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Fla. A funeral service was held on Monday, April 30 at 10:30 a.m. at the First Reformed Church in Sioux Center. The Rev. Arnold Punt officiated. Burial followed at Memory Gardens Cemetery in Sioux Center under the direction of the Oolman Funeral Home (Vander Ploeg Chapel) in Sioux Center.

Darlene was born Aug. 16, 1930, at Sioux Center, the daughter of Joe and Johanna (Ter Horst) Sandbulte. She was raised at Sioux Center. On Feb. 10, 1949, she married John A. Franken in Sioux Center. They made their home in Sioux Center where she was a homemaker and assisted her husband in the operation of Johnny's TV and Electric which later became Interstates Electric and Engineering. For 40 years the couple spent their summer weekends at Okoboji and wintered in Florida for 20 years. Mrs. Franken was a member of the First Reformed Church and its Lydia Circle. She was a volunteer at the Sioux Center Community Hospital and she enjoyed crocheting and butterflies.

Survivors include her husband, John; five children, Marlowe Franken and his wife Bonnie of Sioux Center, James L. Franken and his wife Nancy of Sioux Center, Janna and her husband Dr. Gregory Holmes of Miami, Fla., John Mark Franken and his wife Mary of Sioux Center and Doreen Franken of Stow, Ohio; four grandchildren, Jessica and her husband Tony Stratman, Kayti Holmes, Jaymi and her husband Justin Vandewater and Gabriel Franken; a great-grandson, Stefan Stratman; two brothers and their wives, Dr. Gerald and Mary Sandbulte of Napa, Calif., and Arlon and Joyce Sandbulte of Sioux Center; her stepmother, Alice Sandbulte of Sioux Center; a half-sister and her husband, Julie and Henk Van Arkel of Burlingame, Calif.; and a step-brother and his wife, Robert and Diane Sandbulte of Escondido, Calif.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by two stillborn children and a stepbrother, Michael Sandbulte.

Sioux Center News, 2001-05-05.

SIOUX CENTER - Mr. John Franken, age 85, of Sioux Center, passed away on Tuesday, May 26, 2015, at the Royale Meadows Care Center in Sioux Center. There was a funeral service on Friday, May 29, at the First Reformed Church in Sioux Center, with the Rev. Glen Peterson officiating. Interment was at the Memory Gardens Cemetery in Sioux Center. Arrangements are with the Oolman Funeral Home in Orange City.

John was born on April 5, 1930, to Art and Hermina (Rozeboom) Franken in rural Sioux Center. He was one of five children. On Feb. 10, 1950, he married Darlene Sandbulte. They made their home in Sioux Center where they raised their five children. Darlene passed away on April 25, 2001, in Fort Myers, Florida, after 51 years of marriage.

In his early working years, "Johnny" was employed at the Sioux Center Light Plant and the Mutual Telephone Company. He also did power line work for the city, started doing electrical wiring, and sold televisions and appliances from his home, after taking a home course in television repair. In 1953, he started his own business from their home, known as Johnny’s TV. In 1964, he added Johnny’s Electric out of their basement. This became Interstates Electric and Engineering, Inc. in 1969 and grew to include several other divisions. John also started Jesco, which stood for Johnny’s Electric Supply Company and is now known as Echo Group.

On Dec. 26, 2003, he married Lorene Reid in rural Sioux Center. He became a dad to Lorene’s four children, a grandpa to her nine grandchildren, and a great-grandpa to her five great-grandchildren. After many happy years in their home in Sioux Center, John moved to the Royale Meadows Care Center in June of 2014.

John also had a home on Lake Okoboji, where he enjoyed spending time with his family and friends, skiing, and being on the water. He was a pilot and owned several airplanes that he was thrilled to fly. His need for speed caused him to be one of the first persons in Sioux County to own a snowmobile, which his children also enjoyed. Mr. Franken was very active in the community, becoming the founding president of the Sioux Center Land Development Corporation. He was involved in many aspects of the growth of Sioux Center, and was a major fund raiser and investor for the Sioux Center Community Hospital, Crown Pointe, and Royale Meadows Care Center. In 1973, John built Franken Manor, into which his mother, Hermina, moved. The beautiful white upright piano in the lobby of Crowne Point was a donation he gave when Darlene was still alive, which gave her great joy.

Survivors include his wife, Lorene; his four children and their spouses, Marlowe and Bonnie Franken; Janna and Dr. Gregory Holmes; John Mark and Mary Franken; and Doreen Franken; a daughter-in-law, Nancy Franken; four grandchildren, Jaymi, and her husband, Justin Vandewater; Gabe Franken; Jessica, and her husband, Leslie Marston; and Kayti, and her husband, Cory Gallagher; eight great-grandchildren, Grace, Lainey, Joah, Asher, Zac, Stefan, Aubrey, and Coen; and two sisters, Louise Hulstein and Arlene Bensema.

In addition to his parents and first wife, Darlene, he is preceded in death by his son, James L. Franken; two stillborn children; a brother and his wife, Everett and Gertrude Franken; a sister and her husband, Alice and Henry Van Roekel; and two brothers-in-law, Gerrit Robert Hulstein and the Rev. Joel Bensema.

Memorials may be directed to Sioux Center Health or the Franken Leadership Center at Northwestern College in Orange City. 2015-05-27.

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