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Grace (Gertie) van Maanen

Dochter van Hendrik (Henry) van Maanen en Lutchertje (Lucy) Brunsting, geboren 4-1-1910 USA IA Hull, overleden 29-8-1993 USA CA Los Angeles en begraven USA CA Rancho Pales Verdes Green Hills Memorial Park

Trouwt 1928 USA AZ Yuma Ernest F (Ernie) Whelchel, zoon van Samuel M Whelchel en NN, geboren 11-9-1908 USA MO, overleden 4-7-1980 USA CA San Diego en begraven USA CA Bonita Glen Abbey Memorial Park

Trouwt Howard Augustus Davis, zoon van Peter B Davis en Nellie Rose Poage, geboren 16-5-1909 USA ID Rogerson, overleden 17-10-1984 USA CA Los Angeles en begraven USA CA Rancho Pales Verdes Green Hills Memorial Park

Kind van Grace en Ernest:

  1. Kenneth (Henry) Lee (Pop) (Whelchel) Davis, geboren 21-12-1928 USA CA Downey, overleden 13-9-2015 USA CA Buena Park en begraven USA CA Whittier Rose Hills Memorial Park
    Trouwt 27-2-1949 Golden Emily Megarit, dochter van Alexander Arliss Megarit en Mary Elizabeth DeSilva, geboren 10-4-1930 USA IA Los Angeles, overleden 11-5-2015 USA CA Buena Park en begraven USA CA Whittier Rose Hills Memorial Park

Kind van Grace en Howard:

  1. Harold Allen Davis, geboren 1-8-1939 USA CA Los Angeles, overleden 27-7-1966 USA CA Los Angeles en begraven USA CA Rancho Pales Verdes Green Hills Memorial Park


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Obituary of Ernest

Ernie Whelchel is my biological Dads father. He married Grace Van Maanan in scorching hot, Yuma Arizona in the summer of 1928 and my dad Kenneth HenryLee Whelchel was born in December 1928. As often happens in life, Ernie and Grace did not stay together and later divorced.

My dad was the only child of Ernie, to my knowledge. My "grandpa" Ernie had 3 grandchildren born to Kenneth and Golden Davis. "Davis" because my dad took on his stepdad's last name... Grandma Grace's 2nd husband Howard Davis, and Dad officially changed his name to Davis when he came back from the Korean War.

However, Howard never officially adopted my Dad even though Dad took on DAVIS his last name. Dad also dropped the "Henry" part of his middle name and kept LEE as his middle name.

Ernie's 3 grandchildren are Kenny, Karen and Kristen Davis. He got to meet his daughter-in-law Golden and grandson Little Kenny, but he never met his 2 granddaughters. He also has 4 great grandchildren and 4 great, great grandchildren.

I have found several "Whelchel" cousins in an ancestry site after doing a DNA test! Who knew?

Later Ernie married another lady, also named Grace! They did not have any biological children together.

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Obituaries of Golden and Kenneth

My mom Golden was born the oldest child of Alexander and Mary Megarit. Mom was 15 years old when she met my Dad at a theater in Bell Gardens when Dad was an usher there. Mom had a bet with her uncle that she could stay "Sweet 16 and never been kissed" until her 16th birthday and she WON! We still have the $5.00 bill with the her typewritten note on it telling about the bet.

Mom and Dad married in February of 1949 while Mom was still a senior in High School, much to the envy of several of her girlfriends. Wanting to be a Mom more than anything in the world, she was thrilled when she found out she was pregnant after a few years of marriage...until 2 miscarriages at different times, broke the hearts of Mom and Dad. A couple years later, a son was born to them in 1954. Next came Karen in 1957 and me, 11 months later in 1958. Just as Mom had hoped, Karen and I became best friends as well as the closest of sisters.

As Mom got older and we noticed that forgetfulness was setting in, she still had a sense of humor and did her little chicken laugh at things that got her funny bone...especially when we all played Contract Rummy! She was a sneaky and pokerfaced player who we could never read, haha. She often laid down her final hand with exclamation's from the rest of us of.. .."MOM!!!" Then she would smile and say..."Whaaaaaat???"

She was ready to go home to be with the Lord, her Mom and Dad, in-laws, and to hold in her arms, their first children that miscarried. Ever the Mom, I am sure she recognized her firstborns/miscarried children as soon as she walked into heaven and that little ones ran to her yelling..."Mom! Mom!"

Nothing will ever be the same again. Mom and my Dad, who passed away almost exactly 4 months later on September 13th, have left us with the most precious memories that a set of wonderful parents ever could. Soon Karen and I, and our families will be with them, forever rejoicing with our Savior Jesus Christ and our loved ones who made it to heaven.

Our Dad, Kenneth, was born in his grandparents home, located in Downey, California. He married his sweetheart, Golden Megarit, in 1949, to which three children were born. Having moved about seven times when they were first married, they settled in Buena Park, CA and lived there for 59+ years until their deaths.

Dad worked for Strand Theater, Smith Tool Co., Standard Oil, and finished out his working years at Pangborn. He was active in all his kids activities: Indian Guides, Little League, Silverado Bobby Sox (serving as President 1970), and his own Y's Mens. He was a self taught craftsman in wood, could fix just about everything around the house, and was always asked by the neighbors to help fix whatever was broken. Kris and I have kept all his wood pieces that he made. Our home is even more beautiful with them decorating our rooms.

We had several dogs over the years and they loved him dearly. Gigi #1, Maggie, Gigi #2, Elle was like a best friend to Dad. She did everything to please him, and it was a solemn moment for Dad when he made a box for her to be buried in, along with her favorite toys. Their last dog, Shorty Babe, loved Dad and was a great dog.

He cooked all the meals for himself and our mom in their latter years, and could come up with the best dessert recipes. His cookies were loved by the neighbors. He always had some to give to any worker that came to the house. Never a complainer, he looked for the best in everyone, forgave quickly, and loved to tease anyone to make them laugh.

He left behind dozens of family and friends. We know he is in the presence of the Lord and all his family and friends that went before him. He and Mom taught us about the Lord and that we need to love all people.

The house he and our mom made a home may be empty, but it is filled with memories and laughter. We truly hope the new owners can feel the peace, love, and laughter that filled each room. Selling our home was very hard, but Kris made it a home to be proud of with new paint, carpet, and rugs in the kitchen. We all helped, but her heart made it beautifully new. Mom and Dad would have been proud.

He left behind: daughters: Karen (Gary), Kris (Dwight), Grandson Jacob (Alissa): great-grandson Wesley, a son, Kenny (Theresa), and 3 grandchildren: Jeff, Vanessa, Eric (Melissa), and 3 more great grandchildren. Brothers Howard (Joyce) and now with his family...Vernon (Jackie); a sister, Norma and brother, Harold, preceded him in going home to the Lord. Many nieces and 2 nephews.

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