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Nathan Troy Van Roekel

Zoon van Ronald Elroy Van Roekel en Frances Debra Schranz, geboren 1-7-1965 USA Oregon Hillsboro

Trouwt 13-6-1987 Laurie NN


  1. Nathan Van Roekel, geboren 25-12-1988
  2. Drew Van Roekel, geboren 28-10-1990
  3. Logan Van Roekel, geboren 22-10-1993


Email Deb Groen Emery 11-4-2017:
Article about Troy & Laurie:
When Troy Van Roekel collapsed at his North Plains farm last month, no one hesitated. His wife, Laurie, immediately began chest compressions. Their son Nathan called 911. And their neighbor, volunteer firefighter Lt. Terry Burns, heard the emergency dispatcher on the radio and rushed over. Together, they likely saved Van Roekel's life. North Plains firefighters brought an AED -- an automated electronic defibrillator -- and soon started an IV. Within minutes, the 49-year-old cattle rancher was breathing again and his heart was beating normally. He was taken to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center for further treatment. The story does not always end this way. A timely start to CPR is key to a patient's survival, experts say. Research shows that tissue and brain death begins in just four to six minutes.

To recognize their "quick and diligent actions," Washington County Fire District 2 gave Laurie and Nathan Van Roekel the Citizen Life Saver Award on Feb. 10. Burns received a medal for his volunteer response, as did Katie Allen, a fire district intern who administered aid while Burns did chest compressions. Troy and Laurie live in Oregon and raise Angus cattle. They have three sons.....Nathan, Drew and Logan.

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